Friday, February 1, 2008

Old Amber Index

Lately, I've put up several posts that simply restored/archived my old Amber Diceless RolePlaying Game website. This is stuff predominantly from 3 to 5 Amber campaigns ago.

New Powers (well, several years old now, but new when when I first wrote them):

Other stuff relevant to Character Creation:

GMing advice and tools:
  • A painstaking thorough analysis of the physical laws in Amber proper. The formating is painful, but the content is clever in places. Simulationists seeking to properly model the first five books of Amber will love it.
  • Tips on running an Amber campaign, and most specifically portraying the Elder Amberites. It would have done me a world of good to reread that before my most recent ADRPG Campaign.
  • Here's as much as I could find and reconstruct of the Bergstrom Method. This was guidelines (kind of an alternate system) for determining the winner of combat in Amber. It's been a grail quest for me. It used to be all over the internet. Then I went through a dark era where I lacked confidence and just wanted to hide from the world. Sometime shortly before I recovered from that, all the sites it had been on vanished. Trying to reconstruct it was a pain in the butt. The post linked above might not be everything I ever wrote about it, but it's enough to use. EDIT: That link proves to not be the Bergstrom Method, and may have even been the Testerman/Trimmer system which inspired it. The real "Bergstrom Method" is here.

EDIT: Since posting this earlier today, I've added two Amber-related "fluff" items.
  • A colorful vignette from my best Amber Campaign ever.
  • A philosophy statement and opening context constraint from a good (but not my best) Amber Campaign.


digital_sextant said...

Do you remember the URL for any of the sites your old thing used to be on? If there's a place that it was for a long time, there's a good chance you can find it at the wayback machine. Check it out:

r_b_bergstrom said...

p.s.: digital sextant's link really helped.