Thursday, February 28, 2008

Frostbridge NPCs

Additional NPCs to compliment Valkyrie's Pride Loptsdottir, and flesh-out the Realm of Frostbridge.

GM Full Disclosure: Frostbridge NPCs
Less than 100 giants inhabit the continent, but they are very powerful individually.

Suitor Thrymsun: This is Valkyrie’s jealous ex. He follows her around, tries to earn back her love, and occasionally in a bout of drunken foolishness they become lovers again for a day or two. He will immediately suspect the PCs are there to woo her - perhaps he should think that of Lightfoot to give Joe something fun to do.
Air: 4 Earth: 6 Fire: 4 Water: 6
Drinking Songs: 5 Climbing: 7 Spear Melee: 5 Read Valkyrie’s Pride: 7
Bridge-Under-Foot: 0 pt: Suitor has cold feet. If he steps in water, the surface turns to ice before his foot completes contact. Effectively he can walk on water, building a bridge of icefloes beneath him as he goes. He still feels the cold as much as anyone with such high earth & fire scores would, but his skin can never be frozen nor stuck to anything by the cold.
Ice Spear: 1pt, Major: This long pike has a head of icy diamond. Anything impaled by it is frozen solid.

Bergrider Sifsdottir: This is Valkyrie’s Pride Loptsdottirs closest girlfriend. They drink together, do each others hair, go sailing on icebergs together, share sexual tips, etc. Bergrider has a knack for digging up gold, and working it into jewelry. However, she’s very protective of this gold, as she feels it’s her birthright claim from Sif, the Golden-haired goddess. She has bits of thin gold braided into her hair at all times, and a lot of jewelry. She’d do almost anything for Valkyrie’s Pride, but she’d never part with her gold, not even for her.
She’s had a crush on Suitor Thrymson for years, but he ignores her for Valkyrie’s Pride, so she does mean little tricks to him. She’s always telling him of Valkyrie’s infidelity, whipping him up into an angry passion.
Air: 5 Earth: 5 Fire: 2 Water: 4
Lying: 6 Digging & Mining: 6 Jewelrymaking: 3 Iceberg Acrobatics: 5
Gold Sense: 1 pt, Versatile: She’s aware of all Gold on the same continent as her. So she knows where to dig up gold at, knows how little is left beneath the earth and snow of Frostbridge, knows how wealthy (in gold) the people she meets are, and if she can slip some gold onto a person she can track them easily.
My Side Of The Berg Is Up: 0 pt: When she is on a piece of ice floating in water, whichever side she is touching will always be right side up. So her iceberg canoes can’t be flipped or capsized, she can float on any piece of ice large enough for her to stand on, and she can do some really showy rotation tricks by grabbing opposite ends of an iceberg.

King IceGifter Yimirsheir: This is Valkyrie’s Pride Loptsdottirs father. He is powerful, and one of the greatest permafrost wizards ever to wear the Crown-Of-Icicles. He stands 4 feet wider than any of his subjects, and has the strength of a titan. But he is slow. Slow to anger, slow to act. Sort of like a really big Projectionist George, but without ever saying “Chicks”. :)
Air: 4 Earth: 9 Fire: 2 Water: 8
Carving: 5 Stand Your Ground: 10 Resisting Fire Magic: 3 Remaining Calm: 9
Permafrost Wizard: 7 pt, Magic: Freeze water or melt ice by means of your gaze. It takes a second of concentration for every cubic foot. Transform existing ice to clear crystal that does or does not radiate cold, as you wish, or back again into ice, by thought. Your transformed ice may have the strength of steel or the fragility of glass, as you choose. Ice, cold, bad weather, and weapons made of ice do you no physical harm. If you hold a person in your arms for a minute, you may freeze them to death. You may extinguish small fires by letting them burn you for a moment.

IceHorses: The King’s broad sleigh is driven by 8 horses, carved from living ice. Each translucent horse is nearly 20 feet tall and exhales snowflakes.

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