Monday, February 25, 2008

Ham Leg’s Gate (Village)

A village within one of the Realms I created for Everway. Our players had access to this page, but were too busy with the main plot to take this side-trip. Had the campaign run longer, it would have come up...

Ham Leg’s Gate (Village) A.K.A. Ogregate, A.K.A. Plowlane
See also: CornDale, the Realm that Hamleg’s gate is located in.

The small village of Plowlane, previously notable only for its Gate to Night’s Adornment, has recently been over-run by Ogres. their leader, a crass Spherewalking ogre fellow named Hamleg, has declared the Gate his, and won’t let anyone pass through without a sufficient bribe, preferably in pork. All the original locals have been driven off, enslaved or eaten.

Usurper Force: Public Assembly
Normal: Working Together Towards A Common Goal Inverted: Violent Mass Hysteria

People: No one has conducted a census of the Ogre population of Hamleg’s Gate, so it’s hard to say really how much of a challenge these bruisers are likely to be for the aspiring hero. There are several of them, but certainly no more than a few dozen at most. If you were to track down someone who’d been there of late, they might be able to give you a more definite number.

Economy: The Gate is important as the only direct link between CornDale and Night’s Adornment, so Hamleg has made a small fortune in sowbellies and sweetmeats over the past several months. Certainly the place doesn’t export anything worth mentioning. It was a thriving farming community not so long ago, and you passed through it at some point in your youth. It wasn’t terribly memorable, mostly swineherds and their stock, but it’s still a little sad to hear what’s become of it lately.

Hamleg: You don’t know much about Hamleg. Word is he was part of a band of mercenaries in a big war some 30 years ago or so. Most of his unit was wiped out, so he wandered home, gathered a group of his own kind, and set out to be a bandit. His fighting skills are probably significant, but if he’s anything like the typical Ogre, he’ll be a tad bit dense and rather blunt.

Gate to Night’s Adornment: This Gate is very tall and wide, no doubt part of why Hamleg chose it. Without passing through it, the only way between CornDale and Night’s Adornment is by traveling across the border to Pure Heart, then through the gate in Pure Heart to Flashfire, traveling overland from Flashfire through EarthMaze to Night’s Adornment. What really matters here is that the route is much shorter if you deal with the Ogres.

On battling Ogres: These brutes are tall and strong, with a good reach and a long throwing arm so watch out for flying livestock. They aren’t known for being bright, so cleverness, treachery and/or superior tactics could win the day where bravery or brute force could fail.

Purple Steel, Protector of CornDale: You don’t know for certain if the official Protector of this Realm is aware of the problem in Ham Leg’s Gate, or if he’s attempted to do anything about it yet.

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