Monday, February 25, 2008

Boundless (City, Realm)

An Everway Realm created by Sarah.

Boundless (City, Realm)
This is one of those places that everyone talks about, but you’ve just never gotten around to. They have beaches, great cuisine, entertainment, and cheap magic. The residents of this Realm specialize in their professions, but they give away samples for just a few beads. Bring a large strand, and you could have the peninsula to yourself for an evening! Other sights include a great tower that overlooks the entire Realm, right in the middle of the circle of gates in to the Realm. It is said to be one of the most amazing structures ever to see. And don’t miss the largest, most ancient cemetery you’ve every seen! It’s just a breath away from the circle of gates.

Usurper Force: ???
Normal: ??? Inverted: ???

People: The people here love magic and fun. There are not many high level mages, so the few high level teachers that live here, run the place. The population’s main excitements are over-the-top entertainment and great food. People here live each day as if it were special, and enjoy each moment.

Economy: The tourist population is high due to the number of gates here. Beads are the only currency here, and they are spent quickly. As the usual stay here is 7 days, each person, visiting or living here, is expected to work 3 shifts from dawn till dusk, or dusk till dawn and the other 4 days are theirs to do as they please.

Ecology: This peninsula is lightly forested and a little hilly, with a small island off the east coast. The Realm is populated with an incredibly high number of bird species that vary from Storks and Parrots, to Humming birds and Dodos. The peninsula itself has been described by sailors as being ‘beak-shaped’, or ‘like a bird’s beak that is about to catch it’s prey’.

The Death Rose (rose): This beautiful black rose tends to grow over graves, though it has been seen on occasion in other places. It has a musk scent that permeates the immediate area. In times of great loss, the scent can carry quite a distance, reminding the people of Boundless that life is not forever.

Prominent NPC’s: Life’s Flavor, Flaming Breakfast, Tadpole, Script Bearing Maker of Chocolate

Well-known Institutions: The Great Tower of Yew, The Cemetery of Time

Gates & Bordering Realms: 5+ gates.

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