Monday, February 25, 2008

Pasture Days (Realm)

An Everway Realm by Sarah...

Pasture Days (Realm, Village)

Pasture Days is a peaceful village run by quiet people of no ambition. On the surface, the village has little to offer anyone. They till the fields, and work their farms, and tend the orchards. The make anything they need by hand, and bake their bread in stone ovens heated by sun. They have no metal works, or grand stone structures. They never want anything and give their bountiful foods freely to those who are hungry. They are oppressed, as some would say, by packs of heavily muscled centaurs that roam the lands, taking what they want and never lifting a finger to help.

Usurper Force: The Pack
Normal: Acceptance
Inverted: Rejection

People: Packs of centaurs rule this gentle land. They have no structured society, no grand buildings, no religion, no magics, or special teachings. They rule by Pack, and often the different Packs fight for control of the land. They view the people who work the fields as beasts of burden, taking what they want of the land that they do not till, whenever they please. It is their aggression and shear strength that keeps the human population at bay and working for them. These gentle people are simply known as ‘The Content’. They have tilled the land and let the centaurs take from them for generations. The violent centaurs don’t attack them unless provoked, working much like a Pack of animals would when threatened or hungry. These centaurs do have speech, and communicate quite well when one can get a dialogue with them, but few have since humans are viewed as beasts of burden. Outsiders who visit this calm place are looked down upon by The Content if they try to communicate with the centaurs, as this usually results in the village being attacked, and homes being destroyed. When asked why they won’t fight back or stand up for themselves, The Content simply reply “It is past our days.”

Economy: Agriculture is predominant here as the gently rolling hills and wide, flat plains don’t allow for many forests or mountains to make their presence. All manner of fruit and vegetable are grown here and grains are abundant. Crop rotation is well used here.

Ecology: Open fields and constant sun make this village feel calm and peaceful. The fields and pastures also provide lots of roaming space and room to run. A real sense of freedom comes from the open landscape here. The centaurs that rule here are constantly out in the fields, pastures, and orchards. The fields are theirs to command and they want for nothing. As a result, they grow to large sizes, sometimes weighing in at half a ton.

Rosewood (rose): This rose grows on trees of the strongest wood in the land. When the tree is felled and fashioned into something, the object smells strongly as a sweet rose scent. The wood itself can be a pretty pale brown, slight pink, or deep maroon color. One can tell which color the wood will be by the color of the rose blossoms. This wood is so strong that a shaft of it can spear stone. It is slightly softer when the tree is living, making a dry shaft of this wood the perfect object to fell another Rosewood tree.

Gates & Bordering Realms: No gates. The Realm of Corndale is to the South West, The Realm of Pure Heart is to the South East, and The Realm of Legs of Ra is to the North East.

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