Sunday, February 17, 2008

Batphone of the Gods

Early on in my Scion campaign, I gave my PCs very special cellphones. I'd had a little "God Conference" at the Seattle Westin, kinda like the one in Vegas in "The Long Road To Heaven". So that they could coordinate the efforts of their children, each of the Gods provided their own kid with a special phone that they could reach them on.

The groups lawyer, Alyssa Cunningham, the Daughter of Nemesis, got a very modern earpiece. She can wear it anywhere, though it's a bit redundant since she already had an iPhone. It has no buttons - she can't call mom, but she's potentially at Nemesis's beck and call at any moment.

Ashilda Helsdottir - just guess which dichotomous Norse goddess she's the daughter of - has a dayjob of working for the CIA, of which her mother is supposedly ignorant. She got a tiny little cellphone. It's very concealable, but to dial her, you need to push the buttons with a pin. No doubt Hel enjoys the idea of all those angels (on the pinhead) getting bludgeoned and squished everytime her daughter calls.

Omar Amin, son of Horus, got what is by far the least portable phone in the bunch. It's big and bulky, solid gold, with the old two-part headpiece. Clearly ol' dad isn't with the times. In the early game, he kept leaving the thing at home, which, as fate would have it, meant lots of missed calls from Horus. That went over well.

Barbarella Miller, daughter of Tlazlteotl, is the group's NPC sidekick. Her mom gave her a beeper with (incoming only) text service. She took offense at the notion her mom doesn't even want to talk to her - but when your mom's a Goddess, and you're just a Legend 2 Scion, what ya gonna do?

Despite these "hotlines" to their kids, the Goddesses (and God) involved have been fairly distant. Only Hel calls with any sort of frequency, and she has some pretty creepy notions of what proper mother-daughter bonding should be. To be honest, the point of the phones is largely just a control issue - a way for the Divine to remind their offspring just who holds the power.

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