Monday, February 25, 2008

Everway Realms that might have been

Everyway Concepts - This was a short file where we first brainstormed Realm concepts before fleshing them out. When all was said and done, only two realms in the file never got built out further. They are:

Sphere/Realm/City Name:
Base Concept: When you lie, you are struck by lightning
Details: A mage (or some mages) has a magic that detects lies in the city, and a magic that casts lighting on that location. Lightning should be small, localized, doing damage only to the individual, or the structure they are in.

Sphere/Realm/City Name:
Base Concept: All inhabitants are Lawyers.
Details: Even though each person has some job in the society, everyone dabbles in the Law. Of course that means that our group will have to be very careful while visiting this Realm.

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