Monday, February 25, 2008

Boundless GM Full Disclosure

Below is Sarah's first draft of the secrets of Boundless, the Realm that infamously filled about half the length of the campaign. The previously idyllic vacation spot was a bit different 28 days later...

Boundless (City, Realm) - GM Full Disclosure

Something has gone terribly wrong here. And recently. One day, a mummy wandered through the gate into town. Within a month, the entire Realm was vacated by the living, and the dead now live here. It started with a young apprentice of a great magician. The two of them lived in the Great Tower of Yew. This young man, Prince of Cups, found the mummy and took him in. His master, Grumpy Yew Pentacle, was away on business. The mummy inspired such great ideas in Prince of Cups, that he felt he had to harness this life-giving magic. He started with pets that had died, moved on to extinct animals within a week (including a kind of ferocious wolf), and eventually brewed up a grand spell that raised all remaining dead things in Boundless. It is a permanent spell, of magic level 10 (Prince of Cups was a level 6 magic practitioner until he achieved this spell). It creates an undead life in anything that dies in Boundless, and the creature then needs to feed on living flesh to maintain what little life it has. Most visitors to Boundless did not get away alive. The few dozen that did, cannot accurately explain what happened.

Prominent NPC’s: Grumpy Yew Pentacle, Life’s Flavor, Flaming Breakfast, Tadpole, Script Bearing Maker of Chocolate

Gates & Bordering Realms: 6 gates.

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