Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Graces in Continuum

Part One: Dice ≠ Challenge. Part Two: Decisions = Challenge. Part Three: definition of issues 1-5.

Graces in Continuum mimic resource decisions, but don't really count. Either you're doing your part to support the Continuum (and thus have +10% on all rolls) or you're a screw-up. It's like a resource perpetually plagued by issue 4. On the other hand, it falls victim to issue 5 if you piss off the wrong NPC or get fragged too far.

If I ever run a Continuum game again, I suspect I'll house-rule in some way to make Graces a challenge-raising resource-decision mechanic. Not sure exactly what the details will be yet, but it's cooking on the back burner.

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