Thursday, February 28, 2008

Extras In Fossil

Stats for the nameless hordes of the nearly dead in the Everway Realm of Fossil...

Typical zombie-mummy Fossil Legionnaire: Carries a very blocky Khopesh, an angled scutum-like shield, and 2 or 3 short throwing spears with long thin metal heads. Wears either bronze chainmail or leather armor. All bear the same trilobite-shaped symbol in bronze.
Air: 1 Earth: 3 Fire: 3 Water: 1
Follow Commands: 2 Marching: 4 Throw Pilum: 4 Move Silently: 2
Beyond Death: 2pt, Frequent & Major: These legionnaires have no internal organs to be damaged, feel no pain, and are enchanted by a powerful animative magic. Bones may be broken, limbs may be removed, but the body will continue fighting until immobilized, crushed or completely dismembered.

Living Fossils: There are no bears in Fossil, instead there are bear-sized land-going trilobites. They are rarely encountered, but do exist.
Air: 1 Earth: 6 Fire: 3 Water: 4
See In Dark: 2 Find Caves: 7 Defensive Curl: 4 Flow Over Terrain: 5
Rock Hard: 1 pt, Frequent: These creatures have a very hard rocky shell to protect from impact.
Petrifying Demise: 1 pt, Major: When a living Fossil is killed, it turns to stone instantly. A few inches worth of any material touching it will be similarly transformed.This could kill those wrestling it.

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