Monday, February 25, 2008

Corndale (Realm)

Another Everway Realm from our old campaign:

CornDale (Realm) See Also: HamLeg’s Gate

CornDale is a simple agricultural Realm. It’s never been noteworthy before, but word is they recently had a sighting of a mighty Unicorn. This mystical horned beast chased off a pack of hyenas that were stalking a farmer’s daughter. Everyone’s been talking about it.

Usurper Force: Public Assembly
Normal: Working Together Towards A Common Goal
Inverted: Violent Mass Hysteria

People: They’ve always been farmers, quaint country folk. Salt-of-the-Earth types, very robust and generally quite peaceful. Three or four times in their history, though, the goodly folk of CornDale have been known to form into angry mobs. Their hysterical persecution of Witches 200 years ago is well documented, for example, and then there’s the time they tore up every hill in CornDale looking for buried treasure that was never recovered. It’s as if every 100 years or so the entire society gets caught up in some craze, and nothing good ever comes from it. Speaking of which, last time something like that happened was just about 100 years ago.

Economy: Rural farm-based economy. Most people grow their own crops. The few who don’t generally have some other marketable skill for use in barter, such as blacksmiths, healers, cobblers, horse-breeders, etc. Horses have always been very prized, especially large draft breeds.
Merchants come from adjacent Realms and connected Spheres to trade for CornDale’s agricultural bounty. The Harvest Festival is phenomenal, as entire villages become marketplaces, and other villages transform into parties. Visitors and natives alike wander from town to town, taking in the sights and smells.
It’s a horrible place for an architect to try to ply their trade though, as nearly every building in the realm is a simple A-frame built by neighbors in a big house-raising party.

Military: CornDale has no Military, it has only Purple Steel.

Purple Steel, Protector of CornDale: Following ancient tradition, CornDale has always had a single protector, one man whose job was to drive away bandits, hyenas, dragons and other threats. In the current generation, that mans name is Purple Steel. He is, of course, the greatest warrior of Corndale.

Ecology: The land of CornDale is very flat ever since all the hills were ripped up a century ago. Nearly every available space has been converted to farm fields or grazing pens. A few woods dot the countryside, but most are quite small in circumference.
Long ago CornDale was overrun with wild Hyenas, but successive generations of protectors have devoted themselves to making these hungry beasts scarce. A few packs remain, appearing to strike at remote villages and then disappear without a trace. They’re very clever animals.

The Cornflower Rose: Aside from having Cornflower Blue petals, the local roses are normal and unremarkable as far as roses go. Often farmers run thick hedges of Cornflower Rose around their property in hopes of deterring hyena attacks.

Gates & Bordering Realms: There are only two gates in CornDale. One is in the village of Plowlane, now more commonly known as Ham Leg’s Gate. This Gate leads to the Realm of Night’s Adornment. (See the Ham Leg’s Gate page for more information).
The other gate leads to Opal, and is located a quarter mile outside the village of Laughter.
CornDale borders on Brewer’s Barrow, Pasture Days, and Pure Heart.

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