Thursday, February 28, 2008

Realm Form

Just for fun, here's the blank template Sarah and I built our Everway Realms from:

Name of Location (City, Realm or Sphere)

A brief overview of what the concept behind the world is.

Usurper Force: It’s Name
Normal: Dominant Effect
Inverted: Opposite Effect

People: A description of the people inhabiting this location, their outlook and society. If they have unusual laws or customs, mention it here or in a paragraph of it’s own.

Economy: The money, manufactured goods, and valued items that can be found here. If they place value in things you might not expect, mention it here.

Military: Explain the threats, conflicts, defenses and military objectives of the realm

Ecology: The geography, climate, flora & fauna of the Realm is listed here. Only detail the pertinent parts, don’t sweat the small stuff.

Rose: Roses of some sort grow on every sphere, sign of the god’s hand in creation.

Prominent NPCs or well-known Institutions: If there’s a person, place or thing you want the PCs to have heard of, here’s the place to describe it.

Gates & Bordering Realms: Describe what one has to do to get here, and what destinations you can continue on to from here. A rough number of Gates in the place would be nice, plus anything unusual about them and the significant places they lead to.

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