Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fossil NPCs

A file for the GM's eyes only that listed info on a variety of NPCs in the Everway Realm of Fossil.

GM Full Disclosure: Fossil NPCs
Here are brief character sketches to round out the population of these Realms.

Informers, Bureaucrats, and Sages:
  • Courtyard Dictation: This mummified peacock serves the role of Royal Herald, strutting about the courtyard announcing arrivals and proclamations. It can speak the Tongue, and has goldleaf artificial plumes to replace what it lost to decay.

Artists, Artisans, and Merchants:
  • Brain Scrambler: Brain Scrambler is the embodiment of every cliche you’ve ever heard about bitter self-absorbed artists beloved by the very public they so violently hate. In the dying days of Fossil, Brain Scrambler was THE man that all the powerful people wanted to be mummified by. The trick is that the real talent was possessed by his assistant, Embalmer’s Pet. Anyone she helped embalm is now up and awake (excepting Caution, of course), including Brain Scrambler. She, being the last such artisan to die, was not preserved sufficiently. She is half-awake, a braindead zombie-mummy that silently follows Brain Scrambler wherever he goes.
  • Wheel’s Inventor: No, he wasn’t literally the guy who invented the wheel, he just sort of acted like it in life, and the nickname has lasted beyond death. He still makes the finest Chariots in Fossil, cut and polished from petrified bamboo and huge disks of fossilized trilobites. But he hasn’t quite got all his personality back from the land of the dead yet. He’ll only talk about chariots, not a single sentence ever comes out about any other topic. Like a bronze age parody of “Crash”, if you've ever met him.
Military Men
  • Pilum: Pilum is a High-Ranking Officer in the Fossil army, but he has only held that position for a few days. He has much combat experience from the Imperial Era, and is a bright and talented individual. He has nearly entirely recovered from death, which is why he was promoted suddenly this past week. He looks human (not undead) though perhaps a bit gaunt.
  • Heated Shot Landing On Thatched Roofs: Nominally the highest ranking officer in the Fossil army, but not currently functioning at the full levels he once did. A few hundred soulless mummies follow his every thought, so he retains his old position for that reason. This corpse legion somehow understands every command he glares at them, which is good because he hasn’t yet regained the ability to speak. He mumbles and roars, struts forcefully and waves his blocky khopesh wildly in the air. The mostly-dead wail and charge with him. He has one other noteworthy power, which is a specific limited form of pyrokinesis... his gaze can cause enemy barracks and fortifications to slowly start burning - but only military buildings can be targeted in this way.

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