Monday, February 25, 2008

CornDale Threats & Encounters

Stuff the players never got to see, a file of encounters and NPC stats for the Everway Realm of CornDale.

GM Full Disclosure: CornDale Threats & Encounters
Usurper Force: Public Assembly
Normal: Working Together Towards A Common Goal Inverted: Violent Mass Hysteria

Hyenaweres: The village of Laughter is entirely populated by these giggling monsters.
Air: 4 Earth: 2 Fire: 3 Water: 2
Taunt: 5 Nurse Wounds: 3 Ankle Bite: 4 Tracking: 3
Hyenaskin: 1 Major: By donning a ritually prepared Hyenaskin Coat, the villager can take the form of a wild yapping hyena with an oversized head. In such a form, the Hyenawere is immune to attacks by weapons that aren’t made of Gold or in some way magically enhanced. Transforming to or from Hyena form takes better than a minute, and is a very noisy yappy process.
Truescent: 1 Versatile: Given a good whiff of a person, a Hyenawere in any form can deduce several things about the character, such as... 1) are they a shapeshifter? what animal forms can they take? 2) are they a mage? what element is their magic tied to? 3) what emotion are they currently experiencing?

Ogre: The hulking Brutes are swift, strong and range from 8 to 12 feet tall. Most have foul body odor.
Air: 1 Earth: 5 Fire: 4 Water: 2
Smell Food: 2 Sleep Through Anything: 6 Throw: 5 Splash Mud: 3
Throw Anything: 1 Frequent: An ogre may hurl anything they can lift as a weapon - and they’re really dangerous when they do so. Objects they pick up tend to hold shape better than logic dictates they would, and fly more aerodynamically than you’d expect. For example, an Ogre could rip the roof off a house and hurl it whole as a weapon - it wouldn’t break up until impact. This power doesn’t grant any accuracy, just enthusiasm and the ability to throw entire hillsides at people.

Ham Leg, Ogre Mercenary Commander: Ham Leg is huge, even for his kind. He stands nearly 18 feet tall and can smush a man beneath his grapefruit sized toes. (Yes, this means his feet are disproportionately large. That’s intentional.)
Air: 2 Earth: 8 Fire: 6 Water: 3
Appraise Strength: 3 Lift: 9 Stomp: 7 Sense Lies: 4
Throw Anything: 1 Frequent: Per Ogres, above.
Gate Roast: 1 Major: Ham Leg knows a special ritual that can be performed while roasting a pig. Anyone who eats of the roast when its done (ritual + cooking takes 4-6 hours) will be able to Spherewalk until they completely digest the meal in a day or two. Using this power he lead his ogre band to this village.

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