Thursday, February 28, 2008

Everway Realm Index - Alphabetical

Below is an alphabetical index of all the Everway Realms that Sarah and I made for our old campaign. Each Realm has a post on this blog, corresponding to the page about that location that we gave to the players in our campaign. In addition, some Realms have multiple pages, either GM secrets, or additional player hand-outs. Every player got a big binder with 30+ pages of info. These Realms were used for the background of PCs and NPCs, plus plenty of clues were hidden in the binders as well - some hidden too well. It'd be fair to say the campaign was a tad bit overproduced, but it was fun.
Special bonuses: Two Realms we never made. Add to that this partial realm that never made it into the campaign: Pleasure In Communion. Lastly, here's a Formatting Example to help you understand the other entries - though I bet you can figure them out yourself.

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