Friday, February 1, 2008

Befriend a Red-Head

This is from an email I sent to my players just prior to character creation 2 Amber Campaigns ago. That campaign was one where there wasn't a red-head trying to destroy the Universe. Guess what happened anyway.

Befriend a Red-Head: The Campaign will start just prior to the events described in Nine Princes in Amber, with each character having some sort of friendly or useful relationship to Bleys, Fiona or Brand. If you have any specific requests for who and what your connect to one (or more) of these individuals is, I’d be happy to hear them Thursday.

Open-Ended: Don’t expect this to follow the same plot the books do. Specifically, the PCs could cause or prevent the “official” schism between those three, and your actions will either put someone on the throne or betray them and cause their deaths. Don’t be afraid to reach and change things, but also don’t be surprised when events don’t follow the same script as the novels.

The Bottom Line: My GM-ing style is based very strongly upon a desire to empower my players. Every NPC I play has at least one weakness, discover what it is and you’ll defeat them. There are no unwinable situations or unkillable uber-NPCs. The PCs actions (your actions!) will be the single-most important influence on the fate of the Universe, so be bold. Don’t let my NPCs overshadow you, for your Player Character is more important than any NPC I could ever play.

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