Monday, February 25, 2008

BrewerBarrow - Beer Disclosure

This is a page of secret details on the Everway Realm of BrewerBarrow. These are things not included in the player's binders, things they might discover if they visit...

Magic Beer: Here’s a few unusual drafts that the Brewers might just unleash on the players. Unless otherwise specified, assume they last 30 (divided by your Earth score) hours.

Ol’ Tonguestealer: Each pint of this draught reduces all communication-based applications of your Air by 1 point. When your Air Score reaches 0, you can neither talk nor understand speech.

Rock Hard Stout: Each pint of this drink increases your Earth Score at the cost of reducing your Fire. With each draught you get stronger but slower. Duration is based on your original Earth Score. When Fire reaches 0, you become paralyzed. This is based on the drink described in the Amber Novels.

Hair Of The Dog: They claim this drink will cure what ails ya - especially hangovers. But what it really does is slowly turn you into a Brewer. With each pint you shrink just a tad, your hair turns half a shade redder, and you become a wee bit of an alcoholic. If a player doesn’t get help, they’ll find themselves in the body of a leprechaun after a hard night of drinking.

Gizzard Kicker: Despite the rather colorful name, this is just a normal beer. Figured you’d need at least one of these on the list to start the players off with.

Gravestone Ale: While under the effects of this drink, you’re immune to the touch or breathstealing of the Old Ghosts.

Smiling Wee Thing: While this is in your system, it’s hard to take anything seriously. Everything is funny, and you can’t help but smile. If you’ve drank more than your Fire, you can’t attack.

Why are there no other visitors? Cause they’ve been incapacitated and filled full of the Hair of the Dog (see above). You can’t tell them from the natives anymore, and most stick around for the beer.

Edit: The other part of this file has moved, since it had to do with ghosts, not beer.

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