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The Seeking (Small Village, Realm)

An Everway Realm by Sarah...

The Seeking (Small Village, Realm)
The Seeking is a lush Realm of trees, streams, and deadly purple plants. The people here are calm and meditative, and can offer sage advice for the pure of heart, or the desperately in need. They have quests of inner knowledge and charms that can kill.

Usurper Force: Void
Normal: Guidance
Inverted: Adrift

People: The people here pride themselves on spiritual guidance and visionary quests. Members of the village go on their first quest when they are 8 years old. They visit the largest pond in the land, to the west, just a short distance from the village itself. The child travels alone out to the pond and stays for 2 - 5 days, taking no food or water with him/her. The village is located in the eastern portion of the Realm, close to the coast, but villagers have scattered settlements to the south as well. The village elder makes all decisions for the small population and it’s visitors.

Economy: Lessons in spirituality are given freely, as is simple advice. Calming herbs, Luck charms, and Advice on life changing questions are given in exchange for trade. Prayer carvings are given to any visitor that travels through. A sphere-walker could receive from 1 to 20 carvings in one visit easily. It is speculated that if you visit The Seeking looking like you need guidance, you will get more carvings and advice than if you visit for the weather.

Military: None

Ecology: This is a lush coastal Realm full of tall, full trees, thick grasses, clear streams, and ponds that are so calm that they reflect every detail of the landscape around them. The majority of it’s land gently rolls, never making a mountain or a valley. The only mountains are to the North West and the surrounding areas make this location a valley itself, which makes it a great location for many streams. The sky, when not blocked by storm clouds, is always blue. Summer rains dominate a good part of the year, and winter storms coat the southern tree tops with snow. There aren’t any open fields here, as most locations without trees are dominated by tall bushes. There are no predatory animals here, and nearly all of the plants are edible. Nature has done a strange thing here, in fact. The only poisonous plant life here is purple, and that includes all form of flora, such as moss, lichens, grasses, barks, bushes, and flowers.

Tongue Petals (Rose): This rose is always white, with small petals coated in a fine pollen powder. The primary use of the Tongue Petals is for guidance. The people here in The Seeking, enjoy the taste of the pollen on the petals of this rose, and it is said that the sweetness of the pollen can put a mind in the right frame to receive visions. These roses are cultivated in beds, and grown for this purpose. The magenta-colored pistil and plum-colored stamen of the rose are dangerous, but they make great coloring for charms or can be used on arrow tips.

Gates & Bordering Realms: only one gate connecting to the Realm of Bess’s Nut. Bamboo City is to the North and this Realm can be reached by two major roads from Bamboo City.

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