Thursday, February 21, 2008

Opal (Realm)

An Everway Realm designed by Rolfe

Opal (Realm) Capitol City: “Above”
See Also: WestCliff and the Opaline Center for Golemic Studies

The Realm of Opal is named for the unusuall prosperous opal mines in the single largest Butte of the Realm. This high plateau is riddled with viens of high-grade Opal, and has been carved and worked at for generations, leading to the development of a mazelike network of tunnels burrowing through the Butte.
Atop this towering mine platform lies a great city named Above. Long ago, the focus of the city was mining, with one small institution of magic in the eastern quarter. That magical college has grown into the Opaline Center for Golemic Studies, which now dwarfs and dominates the rest of the city. Those not involved in magic or golem-design have moved to the small communities dotting the base and sides of the plateau, most notably the town of Westcliff.

Usurper Force: Grinding Gears
Normal: Ingenious Progress Inverted: Crushed By Your Own Technology

People: The population of Westcliff and the Center are very different from one another, so we direct you to thier pages in this book.

Economy: Golems are the main export of this Realm, and barely any of the Opal mined from the plateau is sent abroad anymore. All manner of materials are brought in from other Realms and other Spheres for use by the Center.

Military: With so many Golems in the city of Above, no doubt they could mass an awesome militia if need be. The Golems come in a variety of forms, with many surpassing human capabilities, and most utterly lack fear or hesitation.

Ecology: Opal features a high desert ecology, with typical desert flora and fauna. Tall buttes and mesas dot the landscape, most covered from base to tip with Spikefruit Roses. A colorful breed of woodpecker has evolved to life among the Spikefruit vines.

Spikefruit Rose: The sides of most plateaus in this Realm are covered by climbing rose vines. Being a desert plant, the Spikefruit Rose stores water in the length of thier vines, and have a higher occurance of thorns than the average rose.
Also, at the center of each rose blossom grows a small berry. These juicy berries are very nourishing, and those daring enough to climb the thorny vines could survive off nothing but this fruit for many months. It’s dangerous work though, requiring good climbing skills and a thick hide.
Spikefruit Vines have been known to climb over a hundred feet straight up a cliff, and tend to blossom only in the upper third of their growth.

Gates: All the Gates in Opal lie on campus in the city of Above. All the mystery has been documented out of them by clearly written signage nearby that states the destination location, the clearance in hieght and width to pass through the gate, and documented longest and shortest times it has ever taken a walker to clear the Gate into the next Sphere.
Those gates include:
Corndale (The Gate outside of Laughter), Flashfire, Boundless, & Pure Heart

Bordering Realms: To the north of Opal is Idealism, from whence many pesky gremlins come to plague the machines of Above.

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