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Grand Pelt (Large City, Realm)

An Everway Realm by Sarah...

Grand Pelt (Large City, Realm)
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The Realm of Grand Pelt is aggressive, and competitive. These folks see animals as objects to kill and wear. They gut them, skin them, and stuff them, all for the possession of the animal’s attributes, and very nearly their souls. They train their people for wars that will come, even when there is no conflict. Trade is high, as these people only act self-sufficient.

Usurper Force: Aggression
Normal: Passionate Anger
Inverted: Hot-Headed Actions

People: The people of this Realm revere animals and their powers. It is believed that whatever powers the animal had in it’s life, carried over to it’s death and remained in the animals pelt or skull. These people wear animal pelts to gain the power of the animals themselves, often for war purposes or just for status. Every animal has important attributes, from the small frog, to the puma, and none are made fun of.

Economy: This Realm is diverse in it’s economy, as they cannot grow food from the land any more and have hunted nearly all animals to extinction. Most families here have one or two members who are productive members of society, but they all specialize in taxidermy or weapon-smithing. Since the population of this Realm has no way to make weapons from scratch, they have gotten very good at improving existing items. The entire Realm relies on trade with newcomers to the area.

Military: The military here is extensive as most of the young men are drafted into the ranks at an early age, and families are eager to send them off. The military feeds, clothes, and houses it’s own, so once the kids go into the military, they are provided for, and no longer a burden to the family. The level of command you attain in the military is shown by the pelt you wear. The more prestigious the pelt, the higher you are. The pelt chosen for rank would be relative to the job performed. The cook would not wear the same kind of pelt as someone in infantry of the same rank.

Ecology: This Realm is really just one open plain with a hill in the center. That hill has the city of Grand Pelt on top of it. It has been walled in, and is easily fortified, ready to repel any invasion from outside forces. The surrounding plain has been trampled so much by troops learning and repeating formations that it no longer can grow any kind of food. The only trees in the area were cut down years ago to make weaponry of some sort. This is just one hot, desolate plain.

Barbed Beauty (rose): This lush red rose grows large, sharp thorns that run up and down the thick stems. These roses like to climb things, but do so in a tight weave, curling in and out of each other making knots of sorts. Their thorns are tough and sharp, curved at the very end so that if they get caught, they can’t be pulled straight out without injury to victim. Near the base of the rose bud, a cluster of small pin-like thorns can be found that are tightly nestled together. The tips come off easily and bury themselves in skin. The rose itself, has a fragrant scent that can be smelled for miles in a stiff breeze. It is the dominant plant wherever it chooses to grow. Insects flock to them first, and these roses flourish because of it.

Prominent NPC’s: Snake in the Grass, Zebra Stripe, Eyes of Night Wind, Soft Paws

Well-known Institutions: the Claw and Tooth tavern, the Barely Audible Hum of Autumn spear market, Skinner

Gates & Bordering Realms: 2 gates.

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