Monday, February 25, 2008

BrewerBarrow and the old ghosts

An hour ago, I posted this as part of another file, but since then I've decided it's better to have it separate so I can reference/link to it directly if I want to. It was part of an Everway Realm called BrewerBarrow that I created.

The Barrows: Those who tread upon the barrows shall have to deal with the Old Ghosts.

Old Ghosts of the Barrow Downs: Dark and nasty life-leeches. These sinister shadows foretell the second death of the universe, and look forward to it with sickening glee.
Air: 7 Earth: 1 Fire: 1 Water: 3
Breathstealing: 1 pt, Major: This attack compares the Air Scores of the Old Ghost and its victim - it’s the only attack they have. The nature of the attack is that it sucks the wind right out of the target. Lungs collapse, the weak suffocate, and it can take days to get your voice back. To make the attack the Old Ghost must surround you, and whether successful or not they become fatigued by the effort and retreat to their crypt afterwards.
Darkening Touch: 1pt, Frequent: Anything touched or surrounded by an Old Ghost loses some of it’s color, turning black or dark grey depending on length of contact and the original color. It’s not harmful or damaging, just a little creepy.

Note that the campaign this was written for was a follow-up to an Amber campaign where Eric rewrote the universe. The old ghosts of BrewerBarrow are the ghostlike afterimages of those who fell upon the black road before Eric’s rewrite.

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