Thursday, February 28, 2008

Night’s Adornment NPCs

This page was given to the players, since clearly their PCs came through Night's Adornment at least once a year...

Here are brief overviews of important people you’ve either met or heard the reputation of while visiting the Realm of Night’s Adornment:

Sources of Information:
  • Parchment: Probably the second highest ranked Albino in the government of Night’s Adornment, Parchment is the Master of Public Records. Go to him if you need the blueprints of a building, a list of imports brought through customs last month, the name of the Emperor during a specific week of a specific year, or the estimated net worth of a particular noble’s holdings.
  • Dueling Blade: A rumor-monger and secret-finder, this informant’s line of work gets him into all sorts of trouble. Lucky for him, he’s capable of defending his honor. He knows some dirty little secret about practically everyone.
  • Your Guess: This courtier is somehow involved in the secretive process that determines who becomes Emperor each week. He won’t reveal how it works, and he freely admits no one can serve consecutive terms, that there’s a long waiting list, and that he can only guarantee a 70% success rate for the month you request. But, just the same, people bribe him highly for their shot at the weekly throne. Results are so mixed that his name slowly transformed into it’s current form as a joke: If you’ve bribed him, you could say “Your Guess is as good as mine.”
Sources of Frustration:
  • Quick Change: This courtier is among the most two-faced individuals you’ve ever met. She’s alternately sycophantic or cruel, depending on the nature of the court this week. Nobody changes colors (or costumes) quicker than Quick Change.
  • Twinkletoes: The court jester. This gay little acrobat is way too happy to be each Emperor’s patsy. Unfortuneately, he’s almost always within 20 yards of this week’s guy-in-charge. If you want to talk to the most important man of the week, you’ll have to tolerate the background toadying and bad jokes of Twinkletoes.
Sources of Unique Equipment:
  • Puzzlesmith: Perhaps the finest rapier-maker in all the Universe, Puzzlesmith has been known to take more than a decade to craft a single blade - and with a steady supply of water from the Bosom of Night’s Adornment he’s had over a thousand years to perfect his craft. Every Puzzlesmith rapier has hidden features: secondary weapons, mechanical contrivances, tricks and traps, secret tools and potent magics. Ridiculously wealthy from previous transactions, Puzzlesmith no longer sells his blades - but he has been known to barter for one-of-a-kind items from other Spheres and gift close friends with prize rapiers.
  • Bottler: If you’d like to live forever, stop by Bottler’s Workshop. This noble was the first to have the grand idea of packaging the immortalizing spring water of this Realm for export. Bottler employs a team of the best Albino Glassblowers in all the realm. Each bottle is a unique work of art, and they are built such that once opened, they can never be sealed again.
  • Kerchiefs Jeweled Feathered and Embroidered: This lengthy name belongs to one of the preeminent fashion designers of Night’s Adornment. Kerchiefs (as she is known when speaking informally) is capable of designing from any material presented, in any style ever known. She employs a staff of hundreds of albinos to labor on the clothing she designs, working like mad men once a week to provide all of Night’s Adornment with whatever fashions the new emperor fancies. She keeps an extensive warehouse and museum of past accomplishments and innovations, which many would-be emperors visit weekly.

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