Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Piercing Rationales

Over on the Scion forums, Sidhe16 posted an elegant house-rule regarding weapons with the Piercing quality, and how they interact with natural armor. I liked the rule (especially how it enhances the concept of Hercules squeezing the Nemean lion to death) and plan to adopt it. The thought crossed my mind that I should double-check the weapon list, however, to make sure I wasn't opening the doors to any weirdness. Here's what I found:

Clinch and Quauhololli both have the Piercing tag. Clinch represents crushing your foe via wrestling moves. The Quauhololli is a big heavy blunt object. This suggests piercing perhaps wasn't the best name for the mechanic/tag, but I can live with that.

All guns are piercing, including everything from little 9 mils up to large-caliber rifles, and shotguns. It's not about power, since high-Legend demigods can throw or stab with more force than a gun.

A kama also has the Piercing tag. However, shortswords, daggers, and other thrusting weapons do not. Likewise, axes (labrys, skeggox, etc) and machetes do not. I don't really understand what makes the Kama so unique. Is it cause it's swung like an axe but has a point like a dagger? I could see that giving it some extra oomph, but again, a point of two of Epic Strength gives everything more oomph than the best mortal martial-artist's kama swings.

Pilums are piercing, but other thrown weapons are not, nor are any other spears.

Crossbows are piercing, but for reasons unclear to me, longbows are not.

All I can conclude is, I have no idea what rationale determines which weapons have the piercing tag.


SiderisAnon said...

Piercing in Scion is entirely based around the concept of darts. You know, the kind you throw.

It's not whether they look like darts or handle like darts. It's where the darts they threw hit the list of weapons stuck on the dart board.


r_b_bergstrom said...

You made me laugh.

SiderisAnon said...

] You made me laugh.

Then my work here is done.