Thursday, February 28, 2008

Incontrovertible (Spherewalker, King of Fossil)

An NPC that I played in a few sessions of Everway.

GM Full Disclosure: Incontrovertible (Spherewalker, King of Fossil)

Appearance: Wears a golden facemask inlaid with turquoise, it depicts a young and bearded man with deep eye shadow. Below that is much finery, flowing purple robes, gem-studded jewelry, a coat of golden mail beneath that. All of it fits a bit loosely, no doubt because he is but a mummy. You see no exposed flesh, but instead exposed bandages. The wraps have been decorated with arcane symbols all along their lengths.
He sits upon one of two great thrones, side-by-side. The other throne is empty and undecorated.

He is flanked by three sets of four:
Closest too him are mummified maidens, bearing enormous plumed fans to cool him. They wear outfits that would be skimpy and revealing on a living person, but which reveal only bandages and bones upon these women.
Next comes 4 children carrying canopic jars. 3 of them are wispy, beautiful and cherubic. Their innocence is so powerful it nearly draws tears just looking at them. Their jars are sealed. The fourth child is a mummy like everyone else you’ve seen in fossil, and the seal upon his jar has notably been chipped away.
The outer group is 4 skeletal legionnaires in armor. The great plumes upon their helmets are from the same species of bird as the maiden’s fans. their armor is like the King’s, only bronze and less ornate. They bear blocky sickle-like swords.

Stats on Incontrovertible
Virtue: Death Inverted (Stasis)
Fault: Dragon Inverted (Blind Fury)
Fate: The Priestess (Understanding Mysteries vs Impracticality)

Incontrovertible is quick to anger, yet very noble and honorable. Here is an example (it's what he says upon seeing the PCs for the first time):

“Good friends of the blossom which extends life to us all, it is kind of you to check on my condition after but a single absence. Yet take care how you express your concerns - Do not attempt to scold me for my lack of attendance this year, as I am a man in a foul mood that may take millennia to clear of its own, and I fear only blood will sooner return a smile to this shrunken orbless face.”

Earth:4 Air: 3
Delivering Funerary Rites:5 Anatomy:4

Fire: 7 Water: 2
Battling Dragons:8 Healing Others:3

Eternal Spirit: 1 pt, Major: His soul cannot be destroyed. If slain, it will take him a milennia to reform, but he can do it.
Soul’s Call: 1 pt, Major: By means of elaborate rituals, he may return the dead to life. These rituals take months to execute, and require him first researching the religious beliefs of the one he’s calling back. He must have much of their body and several of their personal belongings to do so. It tends to spill over and awaken other well-preserved corpses in the area.
Elemental Jars: 1 pt, Major: Each of his four jars holds different organs. He may open them to gain temporary boosts to the relevant Elemental Attribute. Each time he does so, half the power of the Jar escapes. He’s used his Water Jar once.
Life Drain: 1 pt, Major: He may drain the essence from a person he touches. This will kill them but heal and rejuvenate himself. He must genuinely HATE them to do so, and must touch them for more than a minute to complete it - he and they will be incapable of doing anything else while it happens, but he’s vulnerable to interference or harm from observers while doing so.

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