Thursday, February 28, 2008

Night’s Adornment (Realm)

An Everway Realm...

Night’s Adornment is one of the most cultured and civilized realms in all the Universe - a fact the inhabitants will remind you of on a fairly frequent basis. The entire realm is one palatial city, a sea of huge cathedrals and elegant ballrooms, sprawling avenues and 3rd-story walkway overpasses, winding hedgemazes and public gardens.

Usurper Force: The Grand Ball
Normal: Elegant Celebration
Inverted: By Invitation Only

People: The people of Night’s Adornment fall into two castes: The Courtiers and the The Albino Class.

The Courtiers: They live life in the lap of luxury. This is the bright center of the universe, you see. Everything you ever wanted is here, naturally. The only difficulty you will face is staying in season. Fashions do change nightly, you know. Think dashing dark-skinned rogues in tri-cornered hats, with crimson sashes, powdered whigs, and five-foot rapiers. Think beautiful women with multi-layered gowns, silver heels, two-foot hairdoes, accenting fans, and artificial moles pasted to their perfect ebony skin. Then think again - that was so last Tuesday. I’m sure this week the fashions will be far more astounding.

The Albino Class: These poor creatures. Not blessed with beauty or taste, mostly all awkward elbows and stuttering. But at least they are good with their hands... someone has to maintain the promenades and gardens, after all. Perhaps 20% of the population are Albinos, but they do at least 80% of the work - and, as the Courtiers are sure to remind you, that is the proper way of the world.

The Bosom of Night’s Adornment: There are several natural springs in Night’s Adornment. Most are on private lands and have magnificent fountains built around them. The water from these springs provide unnatural long life to those who partake of them. The only drawback is sterility, but if everyone is going to live forever, it’s best not to spend eternity surrounded by screaming children.

Economy: Bottled Water is exported from Night’s Adornment to every Realm they share a border or Gate with. Since so many would do so much for immortality, the Water is exported in small quantities only and it fetches a significant price.

Military: Dueling is frequently in fashion, whether with Rapiers or some exotic weapon that was just imported this weekend. As such, there is no formal army in Night’s Adornment, but invaders would find a long-term conquest difficult.

Ecology: It’s a wealthy urban environment, so the rats are fewer than most cities and the songbirds quite exotic. Since fads pass so quickly, there are a number of abandoned animals roaming the city - but all are beautiful and well mannered.

Rose: The most common rose is known as the Weekly, or the Emperor’s Rose. It’s blossom opens once a week, at midnight, grows quickly and wilts in 6 days to be replaced on the 7th.

Imperator-Of-The-Week: Each week, in conjunction with the rose-bloom, a new Courtier becomes Emperor or Empress. In times of peace, their main duty is to dictate fashion for that week.

Gates & Bordering Realms: Night’s Adornment is surrounded by EarthMaze. Beautiful public Gates within the city lead to Bamboo City, HamLeg’s Gate, and SlideMount. There is also a gate to Restriction, but it has been sealed by being surrounded by a heavy metal grate and marble gargoyles.
Deep in a twisting hedge-maze inside a private garden there is also a hidden Gate to Moon’s Trial.

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