Thursday, February 21, 2008

Restriction (Realm)

An Everway Realm

Ask a Spherewalker to describe hell, and many will answer “Restriction.” The people are wieghted down with chains both physical and social. There is no joy here, no freedom. And rather than try to escape it, the people of Restriction seek to impose thier way on other lands. You have wisely avoided visits to this land, and so know it more by reputation, not by first-hand experience.

Usurper Force: The Chains
Normal: Enforced Unity Inverted: Needless Suffering

People: As you would guess, Restriction has a terribly repressive society. Most (if not all) of the natives, however, support thier oppressive government. The society is governed by hatred and conformity, with even minor social infractions being penalized by the application of weighty physical restraints.

Crime & Punishment: The typical person of Restriction has 3o to 50 chains hanging on thier body - each represents a minor crime or social violation. A really petty personal crime might be punished by the mandatory wearing of a chain-link necklace or a belt with a small chain and tiny wieght hanging from it. Serious crimes (as those of Restriction see them) result in more imposing wieghts, serrated chainlinks, and bodily piercings.

Specific Crimes: You have heard that the following are crimes in Restriction, roughly in order of severity:
Littering, Touching Someone Who Bears More Chains Than You, Walking the Wrong Direction on a One-Way Street, Failing to Introduce Yourself, Voicing an Unpopular Opinion, Adultery, Hiding Chains from View, Drunkenness, Wearing No Chains in Adulthood, Leaving a City Without Permission, Removing Your Chains, Draft Dodging, Murder, Speaking Out Against The Government, Heresy.

Economy: Unknown. Precious little commerce involves the Realm of Restriction.

Military: The army of Restriction is a fearsome sight to behold. The warriors battle in a whirling dervish style, their chains and barbs spinning about in aggressive fury. They unleash a lifetime of repression in a deadly dance of metal. Sometimes they become tangled or pinned, to the earth or too another warrior. Should this happen, sieze the opportunity and run.

Ecology: Unknown. All you have heard is one story about a chain-covered hunting dog.

Rose: The Roses of this land are either chained to the earth or have chain-shaped stems. You’ve heard both rumors, and are unsure which is true.

The Museum of Human Suffering: In the Capitol City of Restriction there is said to be an institute dedicated to recording and studying the effects and history of pain, torture and suffering.

Gates: To the best of your Knowledge, all the gates to Restriction have been sealed by the people in the realms the gates open to. Gates are very sturdy and dangerous to tamper with, so perhaps not all of the seals are 100% effective. The barriers around the gate between Restriction and Night’s Adornment are very well documented.

Bordering Realms: Restriction borders upon Crone Crater, Beauteous Sea, and Idealism. The later two are occassionally threatened by border skirmishes and radical preachers coming from Restriction, but you imagine the Crones are left well enough alone.

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