Monday, February 25, 2008

FlashFire (Realm, City)

An Everway Realm created by my lovely wife / co-GM, Sarah:

FlashFire (Realm, City)

FlashFire is a grand city always in peril. The city itself was carefully built out of a mountain, but thoughtlessly built in a land of Dragons. Dragon’s are not often seen, and the city is attacked rarely, so in the mean time, powerful mage adepts live here. This what the city is known for. Gateways bring many students here to learn from the powerful mages and trade is a common currency for this expensive art. Come to FlashFire to learn the magic of your choice. Just remember to bring your first-born child as payment.

Usurper Force: DragonFire
Normal: Raw Magical Power
Inverted: Powerful Magic Out of Control

People: Mages populate this grand mountain city. Companions of all animal kinds are popular and are often a status symbol. Those who live here for a year or more and choose not to learn the magical arts, or cannot learn them, are put into prison for life.

Economy: Students travel here to learn magic from adepts. There are so many powerful mages in residence, that one could live here their whole life, learning only the bare minimum each adept had to teach, and still have lessons to learn. The number of students from other realms wishing to learn magic is so high that the cost is often enormous for the first several levels of any magic to be learned. There are rumors that some mages teach for free.

Ecology: This city has been carved out of the mountain it is situated in. This city does not get much precipitation and is usually very dry and warm. A large underground aquifer supplies the city with water . A desert spans around this mountain range and food there is sparse. The mountain has it’s own small supply of animals, such as goats, rabbits, and dragons. The sky is usually a red-orange color as if there was a permanent sunset glowing over the city.

Mage Blossom (rose): This variety of rose has so many uses in this realm that they are cultivated carefully by any adept of great power. They fetch a high price for anyone seeking them on the market, and are hard to find out in the wild. The blooms are characterized by their rose-shaped flame. In the wild, the very base of the flower itself glows white-hot, leading out to yellow, then orange, then red. This is the flower’s most beautiful form. When grown in the city, by mage adepts, it’s center does not glow as hot, only making it orange leading out to red. As the flower is made of pure flame, there are difficulties in plucking the bloom. Only an individual of correct magic, power, or correctly imbued tools can handle the flame. When the flower is plucked from it’s stem the petals quickly cool, and crystallize. The rose can then be used to channel energies, capture or retain magic, or expel powerful magical energies when it is broken. Small, young blossoms that are plucked are made into charms with small blessings or powers in them. This kind of charm retains the original magic energy at full power indefinitely. These crystallized blossoms are very delicate. Dropping one from more than a foot, onto anything as hard, or harder, than soil will break one. Mage Blossoms grown in the wild that die in the wild are not as delicate as those grown in the city. They have been reported as being as hard as diamonds.

Gates & Bordering Realms: Many gates - One to the Realm of Opal. Realm of Earthmaze surrounds it.

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