Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Names for Everway

In the Everway RPG, characters have meaningful names. Such names are made of words, not just sounds. Coming up with a good name on the spur of the moment can be tough, so, when Sarah and I were prepping our 2-GM Everway campaign a couple years ago, one thing we did was generate a brainstorm list of possible NPC names. We were free to claim names off the list as need be, and would note that we'd done so by writing the name of the characters home-realm in parenthesis after their name. Here's the list as the digital version exists (there was a hardcopy in our binder that probably had a lot more place names, but I'm having trouble finding it). A few of the names are goofy as heck, perfect for light-hearted/throw-away NPCs.

Some of these were from a list of members of the Order of the Eternal Rose known to the PCs. When players joined the game in progress, we handed them that list and made them choose a name from the list.
80-Foot Icicles (Frostbridge)
Accusatory (Restriction)
Ailettes and Pauldrons
Angry Ink Bottle
Bangs Bathe the Knees
Barded Boar
Bear Killer (Grand Pelt)
Besscologist (Bess’s Nut - was once known as Blasted Oak)
Blasted Oak (Bess's Nut - Besscologist, before learning about the trees)
Blissfully Stared At
Brazen Song *became Jenn's PC*
Brimming Scimitar (Bamboo City - don't tell players)
Buxom Talisman
Capering Thunderbolt
Chariot Humbler (Legs-Of-Ra)
Chequered Gallows
Clap Puzzle
Cliff Down Holyplace
Compulsory (Pure Heart - part of the bad guy group)
Crossed Gateways
Derived From Ink
Double-headed Friar
Dozing Fawn
Drooping Candlestick
Elfin Curves (Redsky)
Fairy Candle
Flesh of My Flesh
Freed Of My Weights (Restriction)
Frothy Kitty
Frozen Cane
Frozen Lips
Giver of Great News
Grace Of A Hundred Zebras (PantherHunt)
Grandmaster of Earthquakes (Flashfire)
Great Skull Zero
Grotesque Scent, Maker of Cheeses
Growling Fool (The Moon’s Babe)
Grumpy Yew Pentacle (Boundless - don't tell the players)
Health, A Bearer Of Souls (Pure Heart)
Herd of Purple Flames
Herring In The Peach Trees
Hollow Road
Howling Mushroom
Incontrovertible, King of the Realm of Fossil
Judgment of the Grand Days of Our Lives
Knight Enchantress Thief
Knower of Things
Lack Of Magic (Flashfire)
Ladylike Scepter
Lard Gulper
List of a Thousand Words
Little Walking Bridge
Lost In The Wild (PantherHunt)
Magnificent Umbrella
Malapert Butterfly, Chairman of the Inheritance Board (Night’s Adornment - don't tell players)
Minerals and Hermits, A Miner Of All Things (Viridian)
Moon’s Height (The Moon’s Babe)
Mountain Goat
Muscular Legs That Travel Well
No Sickness In Me (Pure Heart)
Opener of All Things Evil
Painless Virtue (Restriction)
Pantheon’s Plaything (Pleasure-In-Communion)
Peace Maker
Protector of Plants
Red-eyed Dromedary
Resounding Lesson, Master of Tutelage (Opal)
Royale, With Spike
Scars Like Bark *became Jeremy's PC*
Seeker of Challenges (Grand Pelt)
Sinewy Flight (Bamboo City - don't tell players)
Sloppy Thistle
Spot On The Wall That Can’t Be Seen
Spring’s Stone Grave
Steamsmith’s Pride (Opal - a golem)
Sterling (Night’s Adornment - Died 300 years ago. ) *became James's PC*
Strong Wind (Bamboo City)
Sups With No Spoon (Rustheart)
Things You Can’t Find In Books
Thorny Cloaked Mane
Toolhand Luck
Tree Shark
Trident Tortoiseshell
Unerring Sextant (Olive Isles)
Valkyrie’s Wake (Frostbridge)
Volumes, Milker of Knowledge (Opal)
Water That Pours From the Mountains and Into the Streams
Water’s Caress (Pleasure-In-Communion)
WaterWatcher, The Gleamer (The Plains)
Wild Goose Benighted
Worker Ant
Feel free to use any of those character names in your own games and projects, though if you do, I'd really love to hear about via a comment to this post. Thanks!


SiderisAnon said...

Sterling (Night’s Adornment - Died 300 years ago)

Sterling (Home unknown. Age unknown. Been alive so long, he's forgotten who he once was.)

I really did want to explore him more...

r_b_bergstrom said...

I know. I would have liked that as well. If I ever free up enough memory to download Skype or another videoconferencing program, I'll keep you in mind.

SiderisAnon said...

If I ever free up enough memory to download Skype or another videoconferencing program, I'll keep you in mind.

Just forget about all that Albuquerque LARPing and the insane people that were part of it. That would free up plenty of memory.

Oh, wait, never mind. ;)

r_b_bergstrom said...

Good joke. (And good advice, as well)