Wednesday, February 20, 2008

And Now For A Word From Our Sponsors

I searched for the holy grail, and found it was tarnished. However, today I see evidence that someone other than myself liked it.

At Amberway, I read:
Amber Conflict Resolution - This terrific page is part of a very large site. It sets up a nice if debatable system for determining how long fights should last, with a healthy helping of Endurance effect. It has changed the way I think about Amber combat.
That put a little smile on my face. He was very selective as to what he links to, so it's an honor.

So did a quick visit here, here and here at In his words: "Sadly, Mr Bergstrom's excellent website no longer exists. So, I've included the page here."
The system begun by Randy Trimmer, modified by Doyce Testerman, and then expanded and rebuilt by me, has been preserved and further polished by someone else. How come I couldn't find hide nor hair of that a few months ago?

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