Thursday, February 28, 2008

Moon’s Trial (Sphere)

This Realm was in many ways the crux of our Everway campaign, though only a single scene took place here.

Moon’s Trial (Sphere)

This tiny hidden world is nearly deserted. Only a single Gate links to it, and only a handful of Spherewalkers even know it exists. The secret society known as The Order of the Eternal Rose uses this place for rituals and tests. It’s the most holy place they know of.

Usurper Force: The Cycle of Life
Normal: Harmonious Repetition
Inverted: Universal Peril

People: No one lives here permanently. There are several small structures, used by The Order of the Eternal Rose for training, initiation and as a safe-house in times of trouble.

Economy: None. However, all members of The Order of the Eternal Rose are spherewalkers, and so there are many resources available simply by asking your brethren for assistance.

Military: None, though many members of The Order of the Eternal Rose would gladly give their lives in defense of this place.

Ecology: Moon’s Trial has mighty extremes of flora, fauna, and weather. Every spring a mighty Life Rose blooms and a fierce Dragon flies down from the Moon. The Dragon tries to snatch the rose and drag it away, and is driven off by the assembled heroes of The Order of the Eternal Rose.

The Life Rose: Roses of some sort grow on every sphere, sign of the God’s hand in creation. In the world of Moon’s Trial, the most prominent local rose is the Life Rose. It’s blossom grows but once a year, a giant rose flower the size of three oxen side by side. It opens in the spring and the scent fills the world with purity, but the scent also calls down the Moon Dragon.
Tradition holds that the Life Rose is the secret symbol of spring and rebirth throughout the Universe. All life exists because of this single flower, and Roses everywhere are the gift of the Gods. The Order of the Eternal Rose are the divinely-chosen protectors of the Life Rose.
Every spring they face off against the Moon Dragon. The Dragon’s bitter rage at having been cursed by the Gods in ages past drives it to destroy the Life Rose. In the month before the blossom opens all the heroes of The Order of the Eternal Rose who are able, answer the call and walk the Spheres to the land of Moon’s Trial to battle the Dragon. On average, between 40 and 50 heroes arrive in time to take part in the battle.
In years where the Dragon is driven off quickly, all is well in the Universe: The seasons are mild, the harvests bountiful, and governments balanced and stable. But for every petal of the Rose that is damaged, something horrible happens.

The Catastrophe: This year, when you passed through the Gate to Moon’s Trial, there was hardly anyone waiting. Only 4 heroes arrived, including yourself, and you nearly lost the battle with the Dragon. The Life Rose was burnt and clawed, which is sure to have devastating effects across the cosmos. What hasn’t been answered yet is: where the rest of the heroes are, and what prevented them from answering the yearly call.

Gates & Bordering Realms:
Only a single Gate leads to and from Moon’s Trial, the Gate is in the middle of the small villa the Order of the Eternal Rose has set up. The other end of the Gate is hidden in a private hedge-maze in the Realm known as Night’s Adornment.

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