Monday, February 25, 2008

Bamboo City (Realm, City)

An Everway Realm created by Sarah

Bamboo City (Realm, City)
This large city is filled with beauty and awe, but none of it comes from the structures themselves. It is the people who live here that provide the beauty you will experience here. Men and women dance by the moonlight, firelight, and sunlight, as they fight their way to fame, fortune, and honor. This is a city filled with fighting. These people have been learning the art of gracefully dueling since they were nearly infants, and they win prizes for it. Everyone here can stand their own ground, and they all know it too. Don’t worry about getting jumped in the street by someone you can't beat though! - that’s dishonorable. They’ll never challenge an outsider unless honor calls for it. Live by their rules and you’ll be fine.

Usurper Force: The Dancing Fight
Normal: Grace and Speed
Inverted: Lack of Coordination

People: Smooth fluid motions and physical strength and beauty are held in high regard. Fighting for honor is important. The most skilled and elegant fighters rule this serene place. Tournaments are held to determine a new ruler, whenever a member of the society challenges the current ruler.

Economy: The economy is based on weapon-smithing, movement lessons, and tournament prizes and titles. Society members can run their entire house and holdings on just their annual winnings in tournaments. Small children have been known to win enough to ensure their entire family doesn’t have to work. Weapons of all types are used in duels, and matches, although none are designed to kill. Bringing death upon an opponent who meets you face to face on the battle field is not honorable. Being able to incapacitate an opponent in one swift, graceful, silent movement is a skill many look to earning a title for.

Military: The military here is extensive. Every member of the large city is taught to fight staring at the age of 6 and some parents start training their children early. All members are taught how to kill if necessary, but to incapacitate their opponent as a first choice. Each member of the city knows 6 simple moves that kill, by the time they are 15. There are currently no conflicts here as all neighboring villages were ‘integrated’ into this one large city, years ago.

Ecology: This mostly flat city, is coated in bamboo trees and wide-open fields. The bamboo tries are grown in small, carefully cultivated forests for weapon making, or grown in the untouched wild. This is where the large, indigenous birds live. They are so large, in fact, that they can be ridden by skilled men of the city. These birds are often tamed and used for scouting.

Bamboo Blossom: These small roses bloom out of the joints between bamboo shaft sections. They are usually a pale yellow, or white, and have a sweet, but subtle scent about them. When plucked from the plant, the sticky sap that oozes out can be used as a sealant on weapons made from the bamboo shafts. The powdery pollen, when mixed with the sap, can be made into a sort of paint for signs or designs. The petals themselves are put in hot water and steeped as a tea. And the insects that favor the Bamboo Blossom, make a delicious delicacy when fried and served in grape leaves.

Gates & Bordering Realms: Just a few Gates - One to the Realm of Night’s Adornment. The Realm of Fossil is to the North, the Realm of Pure Heart wraps from the East down to the South, and the Realm of Enduring Fall is to the West and North West.

Here's two facts from the GM Full Disclosure file that were not in the player's write-up on Bamboo City.

NPC’s: Brimming Scimitar and Sinewy Flight hail from here. They are members of the Order of the Eternal Rose.

Well-known Institutions: The Breathless Training Hall - where Strong Wind teaches how to move like the wind.

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