Thursday, February 28, 2008

SlideMount (Realm?)

Everway Realm from the old campaign.

SlideMount (Realm?)

A Gate lies in this Realm high atop a steep and jagged mountain. An old lava tube runs from the clouds at the crest of the mountain, down past the gate, down to the base of the mountain where a second Gate lies. Large boulders and rockslides of gravel are constantly churning forth from the clouded area at the Mountain’s Peak. No one’s ever explored much beyond the two Gates and the path between them.

Usurper Force: The Rockslide
Normal: Swift Motion
Inverted: Powerful Collision

People (The Golem): A single clockwork golem lives near the Gate. He was constructed in Opal and left here either by some altruist spherewalker who sought to ensure the safety of those who use the upper Gate, or he was the sole survivor of some expedition on the mountain that was otherwise wiped out in a landslide. Those are the two best theories anyway, no one is sure as the Golem only ever says two expressions: “Push” and “Wait Till Morning”.
The Golem sits just above the upper Gate and deflects boulders that roll towards it. He also keeps the slide clear, so it’s safe to travel down.

The Slide: The old lava tube is made of glistening black rock worn smooth with generations of use. It’s slick, and the slide down it is fast and easy. It’s recommended you bring a thick blanket, cloak or piece of burlap to lay down on and have beneath you as you slide, just to protect your clothes and make sure you aren’t cut or scraped by any cracks or little spurs of rock that might be left in the tube.

Economy: There is none. Some Spherewalkers leave gears, tools or little vials of machinist’s oil as tribute to the Clockwork Golem who defends the Gate. These trinkets don’t ever seem to accumulate greatly, so either the Golem uses them to repair himself or something else happens to them over time.

Military: None, unless you want to count the tons of boulders and gravel that pour down the mountain each day as a weapon or army of sorts.

Ecology: Nothing bigger than a scraggly tuft of weed survives on the side of this mountain with all the debris that cascades down its slopes. The base of the mountain accumulates more and more rubble every day, crushing anything that would try to grow there. There are a few small bats and insects that nest in the lee of larger stones or rock spurs on the mountain, ranging wide to live off what little this realm provides.

Rose: You have never seen a Rose grow in SlideMount, but know in your heart that Roses are on every Sphere, a sign of the God’s handiwork in shaping the Universe.

The Upper Gate: This Gate leads from Night’s Adornment. It’s practically a one-way Gate since to climb the mountain would take a lengthy ascent on a slick surface or while dodging boulders up the rougher edges of SlideMount. Realistically, a Spherewalker would have to be gifted with the ability to Fly to be able to safely ascend the mountain and travel through the Gate to Night’s Adornment.

The Lower Gate: The Slide deposits you at the base of the mountain, just 20 feet shy of the lower Gate. This Gate is flanked by enormous piles of rubble and rocky debris that have accumulated at the foot of SlideMount over the years. If not for the Golem pushing aside the boulders further up the mountainside this Gate would surely be buried. Instead, there’s a small clearing and signs of a previous traveler’s campsites.
The Gate leads to Redsky. Since the Golem tells everyone who arrives at the upper Gate to “Wait Till Morning” the common assumption is that at least 8-12 hours need to pass after entering this Realm from the upper Gate before it’s safe to leave via the lower Gate.

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