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Frostbridge (Realm)

An Everway Realm

Frostbridge (Realm)

This land is populated by the Sons of Yimir, a race of people averaging 20 feet tall. They are rarely Spherewalkers (being too large for most gates), and keep to themselves in general. They raise great woolly goats, proudly wear tartans and heraldic sashes, and are known for their amazing ice sculptures.

Usurper Force: Winter Wind
Normal: Bitter, Driving, and Relentless
Inverted: Cold, Immobile and Uninterested

People: They organize themselves into small patrilineal clans, the most powerful of which inhabits a huge Ice Palace in the northeast of their land (just across the bridge from Fossil).

Economy: The great wooly goats they raise are sheered, slaughtered or sold to provide all that the people need. They import spices and sometimes fabrics. They also sell magically-altered ice.

Military: The Sons of Yimir have no organized army, but are individually great warriors. They wield great spears of ice into battle. It is said that every spring they train in great games to the west, and that some portion of these games involve trying to scale the cliffs of Enduring Fall. They are strong, persistent, and brave.

Ecology: Thick snow covers the Isle 3 seasons out of 4, and what plants survive are hardy indeed. Many great bears hibernate the years away, emerging from their slumber only once a decade or so. The local goats are enormous, adults standing more than 10 feet at the shoulder.

Snowpetal Rose: It blossoms in the one temperate season out of the year, but burns like ice on the skin. Coloration runs from white to pale blue. It’s beautiful, but fragile and often painful. Home remedies made from this include a topical balm to break fevers and inflammation - but beware using too much Snowpetal in the mixture as it can cause tissue damage akin to frostbite.

The Ice Carvers: Several artists and wizards in Frostbridge have the capacity to enchant ice so that it retains its cold for long spans of time and resists the application of heat. Items that have made it out of Frostbridge in trade include icicle polearms, glass-looking mugs that keep their contents continually cold for years, and sleighs with slick runners of ice. Unless made custom, however, assume that these are out of scale for the typical human.
Other noteworthy ice-carvings include the great palace of Yimir’s Hearth and the Frostbridges themselves - icy platforms extending from the northern continent south to Fossil and Enduring Fall.

Naming Conventions: In addition to a normal name like those possessed by most people you will encounter as the you walk the Spheres, the inhabitants of Frostbridge often have honorific secondary names. These names denote some God, Titan or Dragon that they are descended from. Example honorific names include Thrymsun, Thrudsdottir, and the ubiquitous Yimirson (which is the equivalent of the earthly “Johnson” or “Smith”).

Gates & Bordering Realms: The most common means of entering the Realm of Frostbridge involves crossing the great icy bridge from Fossil. Take some care though in crossing that bridge. You’ve heard tales of tongues, toes and fingers stuck to the bridge when foolish travelers accepted one dare too many.
Gates do exist, but they are under snow 3 seasons out of 4, and so are not frequently relied upon.

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