Thursday, February 21, 2008

Opal Golems (NPCs, Monsters, Tool)

Everway NPCs by Rolfe

GM Full Disclosure file on Opal Golems (NPCs, Monsters, Tool)

Here’s some brief stats for a few common forms of Golem:

Patagea Golem: A huge (but thin) Pteradactyl made of sown flesh over a wooden frame.
They serve as taxis and light cargolifters in Above and Westcliff.
Air: 1 Earth: 4 Fire: 2 Water: 1
Flight: 2 Frequent, Major. Despite looking fragile and having miserable stats, the Patagea Golem is able to catch wind currents and hover, fly and soar in ways you’d never expect. It can carry several times its own weight when doing so. 2 passengers and a bit of luggage is the most they can carry at once, however.

Climbing Golem: The main service for travelling between Above and Westcliff is these 7-limbed steam-belching automatons.
Air: 1 Earth: 7 Fire: 4 Water: 3
Surefooted: 1 Frequent. As long as 2 of a Climbing Golems 6 legs are clasping the rockface, it cannot be knocked loose short of pulverizing the stone its affixed to. If it is carrying more than 1 passenger, each additional man-wieght requires 1 more leg to be rooted to activate this effect. As a result, the more people it’s carrying the slower the Golem travels.
Spikefruit Picker: 0 pt. The 7th (and smallest) limb on the Climbing Golem is automated to pick Spikefruit berries as it passes them. A small olfactory sensor detects the fragrance of the Spikefruit Rose and sends the arm telescoping in that direction. Passengers may help themselves to the berries, but will be charged per berry at the end of the trip.

Constable Opal: This very complex Golem is the chief police enforcer in the city of Above. He has broad white-steel shoulders, quicksilver joints, beady dark opal eyes, and huge wrought-iron hands. His head is formed of layered metals, and a constant shower of tiny sparks course between his oversized copper elf ears.
Air: 2 Earth: 8 Fire: 6 Water: 4
Law: 3 Hold His Ground: 9 Grapple: 7 Sense Lies: 5
Locking Fists: 0 pt. Each of Constable Opals two huge fists has the ability to lock itself. Once wrapped around a suspects waist (limb if they’re exceptionally large) the hand can seal itself closed. A locked fist can only be opened by a special magic key that is kept in back at the Police station.
His typical tactic is to grab 2 offenders and seal them in. If there’s more criminals on-scene than two, he’ll use the first two as human shields or flesh clubs. He has no conscience after all.

Undead Butler: Ogre-sized flesh puppets cobbled together from multiple corpses. Most undead butlers have 4 or more arms, the idea of their form being stolen from needle demons.
Air: 1 Earth: 5 Fire: 2 Water: 1
Seen But Not Heard: 0 pt. The typical Undead Butler has no vocal chords, but does have a 2-way mental link to it’s creator, owner or master, as the case may be. No verbal instructions need be given, the butler knows its masters desires instinctively. This can be dangerous for the flighty or quick-tempered master.

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