Thursday, February 28, 2008

Night’s Adornment Important NPCs

Stats for Major NPCs of Night's Adornment

GM Full Disclosure: Night’s Adornment Important NPCs

Quick Change, the Courtier: This week’s fashion is 8” heels, red velvet with white lace, and a sort of boat-shaped hairdo.
Air: 4 Earth: 2 Fire: 3 Water: 3
Detect Mistake: 5 Staying Calm: 3 Balance in Heels: 4 Anticipate Fads: 4
Rapid Costume Switch: 0 pt: She may change her clothes, hairdo or makeup in less than a fifth the time it would take someone without this power. Whenever the PCs see her, she’s in a totally different outfit, even if it’s only been a minute. This power CANNOT be used to disguise or mask appearance - if anything, her unusual outfit choices make it very easy to pick her out of a crowd.

Emperor TwinkleToes The First, this week’s Fashion Leader: Fashion for the week is all about little bells. Tiny silver bells sewn into the hem of everything, and large golden bells on the tips of the shoes. Emperor TwinkleToes is an odd little acrobat who’s just dazzled beyond belief at the concept of getting to be king for a week. He’s wearing silvery blue tights and a velvet shirt of the same color.
Air: 5 Earth: 2 Fire: 3 Water: 2
Cartwheels: 6 Handstands: 3 Express Enthusiasm: 4 Bell Music: 3
Smiling Dust: 0 pt: Twinkletoes can produce a handful of glittering dust from any pocket. Anyone this dust is blown in the face of immediately begins to smile. It doesn’t necessarily make them happy or friendly, it just forces their facial muscles into a smiling position.

Dueling Blade, the Informant: When you need to know the dirt on someone in Night’s Adornment, Dueling Blade is the man to go to. He’s got info on everybody, and traffics in scandals and rumor. Of course, this gets him into some tight scrapes, which is how he got his name.
Air: 3 Earth: 4 Fire: 5 Water: 3
Spread Rumors: 4 Not Bleeding First: 5 First Thrust: 6 Detect Poison: 4
Rumor Net: 2 pt, Frequent and Major: Dueling Blade hears about everything happening in Night’s Adornment. He won’t always have all the details, but he’ll know a bit or two about anything of importance. He knows a bunch of heroes come this way every spring for some big deal that takes place in the hedgemaze, but he doesn’t know the full purpose. He also knows that this year some group from off-sphere moved against those heroes, took a bunch of them out. But he doesn’t know why, and he doesn’t know who’s behind it.
Redline: 1 pt, Major: This magic sword is enchanted to never deliver a fatal blow. Wounds it causes can be very messy and gory, but never under any circumstances will they be life-threatening. It has a red-enameled “racing stripe” running down the blade, a quarter inch in from the blunt side.

Parchment, the Magistrate of Public Records: The official news on anything is kept by Parchment, the best-connected Albino in Night’s Adornment. Parchment carries three or four dozen scroll cases at any give time, and they always seem to have the needed information for whatever official questions are put before him.
Air: 5 Earth: 1 Fire: 1 Water: 5
Create Red Tape: 6 Resist Hunger: 2 Dodge Blame: 2 Bureacratic Complexity: 6
It’s In This Tube: 1 pt, Frequent: If parchment needs to know something that is a matter of public record, he can find it simply by opening any one of the 30 to 50 scroll tubes on his person. Whatever paper he draws out will list all the official details on the subject.

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