Monday, February 25, 2008

BrewerBarrow (Realm)

A realm for use with Everway.

The goodly folke of BrewerBarrow, often just known as Brewers, live just beneath the surface of their realm, in cute little rounded chambers built inside the rolling hills of their land. The hills above are dotted with delicately manicured hedges and neatly ordered flower blossoms.

Usurper Force: The Brew
Normal: Assisted Relaxation
Inverted: Drunken Disorder

People & Economy: The inhabitants of BrewerBarrow tend to be short (3-4 feet), redheaded, and jovial. They love to sing and dance, and throw parties whenever they have visitors. They favor earthy and plant-like colors for their clothing, and they prize highly textured or brocaded cloth. The two most common professions in this land are gardening and beermaking, and their chief exports as such are malt beer and flower bulbs.

The Boss: If you ask a BrewerBarrow native why they work so hard at their gardening, and they’ll tell you it’s to make the Boss happy. Ask them who the boss is, and they’ll say “he’s the guy upstairs, if you follow my meaning.” More than that is hard to drag out of them, the Brewers insist that “big folk all looks alike to me, I’m afraid.” This of course leads to a lot of speculation on the part of Spherewalkers and other intellectuals. The most common conclusion is that the Brewers worship a deity whose mystery tradition prevents them from naming him to non-believers. Judging from their gardening and clothing color, one can infer that this God or Goddess must be aligned with plants and nature.

A World Lit Only By Beer: Many of the most prominent residents of BrewerBarrow craft their own ales and beers. The variety is astounding, and some few are widely regarded as the finest brews in all of creation. All tourists to this land are encouraged to try a few drinks, “you won’t regret it.”
You’ve been told that the finest bar in BrewerBarrow is the famous Pike & Drake. You’ve never been there.

Lack of Strangers: One would expect such famous beverages to bring a constant traffic of connoisseurs and merchants, drunkards and rabble-rousers. But instead, it seems that every time one comes to BrewerBarrow, the company you traveled with are the only non-Brewers in the Realm. It’s probably for the best, as otherwise all that pretty gardening would get trampled under drunken feet. Perhaps it’s just that the Brewers lavish such attention on guests you’d swear you’re the only off-worlder they’ve ever met.

Burial Mounds: From the sheer number of Barrows, Tombs and Graveyards in the Realm of Brewer Barrow, one can only assume that the Brewers tend to live very short lives. They also don’t let strangers and visitors wander freely among the Barrows, which is no doubt part of their unusually secret religious practices.

Horses: Don’t be shocked, but the Brewers consider horseflesh a delicacy. They import old nags from CornDale.

Roses: With so many Gardeners, there are very many varieties of Rose here, and it’s hard to say if any are native.

Bordering Realms: BrewerBarrow sits adjacent to CornDale and may be entered simply by walking far enough south down a flower-trimmed path nestled between the hills.

Gates & Passage of Time: Apparently the Gates out of Brewer Barrow take unusually long to travel. Spherewalkers tend to enter the world, party for a night or two, and then return home only to find that months (or in some rare but documented cases, years) have passed. As such it is recommended that when exiting this Realm you do so by traveling overland to CornDale and using the Gates there to leave. By the same token, if your waiting for a friend to return from a visit to BrewerBarrow, don’t grow alarmed when he doesn’t show up right on schedule. He’ll turn up eventually.
In a pinch, you could use the Gates, which lead to Grand Pelt and Bess’s Nut.

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