Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pleasure-In-Communion (City-Realm)

This is a half-written Everway Realm. It never appeared in the hand-outs, as I was never quite happy with it.

Pleasure-In-Communion (City-Realm)

Several generations ago, the city of Pleasure-In-Communion was known simply as Communion, and it has long been the sight of numerous temples and a busy marketplace. A series of naturally-occurring hot-springs and powerful local spirits caused the place to be a center for mystical retreat, and a convergence of Gates to many worlds did cause it to grow into a popular tourist attraction for Spherewalkers. Over the years, however, the intersection of commerce and religion has lead to something of a fall from greatness.

Usurper Force: The Anointing
Normal: Worshipful Caress
Inverted: Distracted by Finery

People: Pleasure-In-Communion draws visitors from many Realms and Spheres, and so is a great melting pot. The culture is as a rule very open, liberal and accepting, but the surroundings can bring out either the best or worst of those who dwell here. There is also a small number of visitors who arrive each year merely to protest against the decadence of this society.

Economy: Little is manufactured here, but there are many luxury imports and a thriving black market. Healing, pampering, blessings and massage can be purchased at many locations in the city, and form the backbone of this service-based economy.




Temples & Bathhouses: The main avenue of the city is lined with Temples, Bathhouses, Bordellos, Drug Dens and places that could qualify for two or more of those titles. Several different cults have sprung up, most devoted to sexuality or some notion of sensory experience. Holy prostitutes offer to provide you communion with the Gods.

Bathing In The Element: At least 1 bathhouse in Pleasure-In-Communion uses not hot-springs or man-made baths, but bound Water Elementals. The experience of immersion in such a being is said to be otherworldly in the least.

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