Monday, February 25, 2008

Pure Heart (Realm, City)

An Everway Realm by Sarah:

Pure Heart (Realm, City)
This is a Realm of health, and not one of modesty. Be prepared to answer any question posed, and never be shy. This place will heal you of every non-lethal ailment, within a year, and may even cure some lethal sicknesses. Of course, you’ll need to bring your bathing suit, because these people don’t wear much more than that, and the ritual cleansings take place in giant pools of spring water.

Usurper Force: The Body
Normal: Health
Inverted: Illness

People: These people embrace the natural state of the world and everything in it - including nudity. Clothing is something worn only to keep the elements at bay. These people find no question to be rude, nor any answer to be improper. Asking questions is the only way to get answers, and why not get answers? Ritual cleansings of the body are an every day thing. The people here pride themselves on their health. Sickness is a sign of poor care and evil, and those who are prone to sickness are shunned and considered to be evil until they are cleansed of their sicknesses.

Economy: This is the premier location for herbal potions for all ailments. Needing something to calm your breath after a hard run? Are your shoes causing a rash? Is sex just not fun anymore? Come here to find brews and powders to aid any handicap, or just to heal cuts after an awful battle.

Ecology: This coastal city is frequented by high winds that whip clothing around, and toss hair about. It lays along a warm water current which welcomes the worn body.

The Heart Rose: This stunning, white rose blooms year round in the most tended to gardens. It is a delicate, but hardy flower. If not attended to, its startling white color fades to a pale pink, as it withers and dies. But when tended to with the most love and care, its bloom is perfect, never having a blemish on it. A simple rain storm can damage this delicate flower, but within a few days of perfect care, it will be brought back to absolute perfect health. These flowers grow in the wild in clusters. When a cluster is found, it is immediately turned into a public sanctuary which the community takes care of. Children grow up wanting to take care of their own bed of roses.

Gates & Bordering Realms: Several Gates - One to the Realm of Opal. The Realm of Corndale is to the West, the Realm of Pasture Days is the North West, and Legs of Ra is to the North.

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