Monday, February 25, 2008

Foamy Falls (Small Village)

A village (created by Sarah) in an Everway Realm she created

Foamy Falls (Small Village, in the Realm of Grand Pelt)
See also ‘Grand Pelt’, ‘Spider Legs’, and ‘Gorilla Hide’

Foamy Falls is a small village to the NORTHEAST of the great city of Grand Pelt. The only stream that runs through the land starts here and flows from a rocky ledge just 50 feet above the city. Soapberry trees thrive at the water’s edge, constantly growing their branches over the water. When the fruit drops, some fall into the water and a cleansing foam is created.

People: The village has less than 200 people as most of the men are recruited by the leaders from Grand Pelt. Only those who serve poorly are sent home to find brides and have families. The leader of this small village has long been of the opinion that the village suffers as the land does now; however, the villagers are powerless to do anything about it.

Economy: Soap Fruit from the Soapberry trees is a major commodity. It is exported to Grand Pelt throughout the fruit’s season, in exchange for a variety of things including grain, cloth, livestock, pelts, and the very men from the village of Foamy Falls that are recruited each year.

Ecology: The people of Foamy Falls cherish the few animals that live near the stream and when anything is cleaned at the water’s edge, special care is taken to not spook any wildlife. Several trees, bushes and undergrowth grow near the water. Fruit is more common here than in Grand Pelt, but only enough fruit grows to feed the village each fruit season.

Prominent NPC’s: Wise Elk, leader of the village of Foamy Falls

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