Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Previously, on Scion

I put something up on the wiki a while ago:
Threat-Generation system for Scion

To be honest, I don't use that system any more, but it was really helpful to me for my first 10-15 sessions until I got a better hang of the mechanics and flow of combat. Now I can roughly eyeball (with minimal math) what it takes to challenge my group.
And every so often, I play dumb. For example, last session, I threw three extremely short one-sided fight scenes at my PCs.

1. The first involved the arrival of one of Aten's Heralds. The PCs trounced it before it could get it's second action. Being able to hit for 30 at a pop with massive knockback was enough to safely handle an Angel with a "deadman's switch" in under 8 ticks.

2. The second fight involved a Hekatonakhiere that they had no chance of beating. This required them to think out of the box, and quickly, or else get pulverized. They performed admirably.

3. They then left the Terra Incognita / island and found their boat had been overtaken by mutineers. Assuming something sinister was at work, they solved the issue with a Deeded/Channeled/Burned punch that did some 35 points of damage. Despite being Legend 5, the "mutinous deckhand" went down in one hit. This turned out to be a horrible mistake, as the now headless mutineer was later revealed to be Heracles's common-law wife, the daughter of Weyland Smith.

None of those fights were fair, but the players just ate them up.

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