Thursday, February 21, 2008

Beauteous Sea (Realm, Village)

An Everway Realm designed by Sarah, my wife.

Beauteous Sea (Realm, Village)

Beauteous Sea is a calm fishing village enclosed by a thick forest. This tropical paradise is known for the visions it’s visitors experience while there. They have been described as enlightening, educational, revealing, divine, inspirational, and ominous. Many come here seeking some happiness, comfort, answers, or questions. Often, people go on a pilgrimage here, traveling through the dangerously dense trees, that allow almost no light through them. Some call them ‘The Trees of Night’ and refuse to pass through them in groups any smaller than 10. Only small trails, in the northern forest, made by native animals lead through these timeless trees to the village.

Usurper Force: Sight
Normal: Visions of Beauty Inverted: Visions of Destruction

People: These people are peaceful and quiet. They find simple delights in making trinkets and tools out of the creatures of the sea. Much inspiration comes from the visions they see while on the water, while the visions in the forest keeps them out. A wise, old village elder commands the respect of the villagers. Only those born here and descended from the original founders are considered members of the village.

Economy: This fishing village is very good at their trade. Fish of all kinds live in the waters to the south, making the fishing boats and the small netted fishing traps on shore equally useful. For delicious dishes from the ocean anytime, or trinkets from shells or teeth, come here.

Ecology: This village is a coastal one, with a large body of water to the south, and a forest encapsulating it to the east, west, and north. The waters are temperate year round and the temperature is always quite warm. There is no real winter here, but a kind of ‘Spring’ and ‘Fall’ instead. The temperature only drops to 70( at any point in the year, but can get up to 100(. Rain is common in the ‘Spring’ and ‘Fall’ but the Summer is always humid and hot. Sea life comes in such a variety of Fish, Plants, Crustaceans, etc. that one could eat 3 meals a day for 10 years and easily not have the same meal twice. The largest Sea bounty is whale-sized and the smallest is plankton-sized.

The Ocean Rose: This rose is actually a kind of coral found at the oceans edge. They come in a variety of colors. Most have 3 or more colors that they fade gently into, from one color to the next. When just plucked from the water, and cooked properly, ingesting it brings the consumer such breath-taking visions, the individual falls into a trance for several hours, coming out of it, often in a state of arousal. Some have said that they achieved previously unattainable levels of meditation and personal understanding after such a trance. Others have said that this singular experience is better than any form of mating ritual known to any creature anywhere.

Wooded Spike (rose): This sharp-thorned rose, found only in the woods to the north of the village has a delicious scent that makes those unaware of it’s properties desire to consume it. This is not advisable because of the hideous visions it brings when eaten. It is said that those who travel the pathways through the woods must cover their noses while traveling the small paths, or be lost in the woods forever, having fled the safe paths in shear terror. The complete nature and variety of these visions is not fully known as most who have experienced them have died within a week, and no one has ever conducted experiments to gain more knowledge.

Gates & Bordering Realms: No Gateways. The Realm of Restriction is to the North, and the Realm of Idealism lies to the East.

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