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Legs-Of-Ra (Realm)

A Realm for use with Everway...

Legs-Of-Ra (Realm) AKA BirdLegs (a mildly insulting epithet)

This very large Realm is governed by a line of Pharaoh-Priests. They are a bronze-age charioteering empire, but the wealthy members of the Pharaoh family have purchased Golems from Opal, so there is a bit of anachronism present where the realm’s culture and technology are concerned. Magic is strong here, as well, especially magic dealing with light, fire, wind and the sun.

Usurper Force: The Sunbird
Normal: Dominant Effect* Inverted: Opposite Effect*

People: Known as Hawkmasks or Ramasks for the shape of the popular facial decorations worn by stylish and wealthy members of society, these bronze-age monument builders have constructed a culture around bird-breeding, charioteering, and temple-raising. They are a very accomplished and prolific race, with a great many wondrous buildings and monuments to their credit. They are widely recognized as the finest charioteers in all the universe, as well.
Social Caste is very diverse, with the Pharaoh family being the most wealthy in all the land and the lower class little more than slaves. However, it is possible for the disadvantaged to achieve great notoriety and even wealth as Chariot Racers or MagePriests.

The Sunbird: Also known as the RaMoun, the Sunbird is a breed of large ostrich, with a more hawk-like face and reflective orange eyes. The locals say these birds were given them by the Sun God Ra. They are the fastest running birds you have ever seen in motion on the ground. The friction of their feet striking the grasslands generates smoke and sparks. Ornithologists say they are distantly related to the Phoenix. The RaMoun is the chief riding animal and beast of burden in this Realm, and also the most popular family pet.

Chariots: Chariots in this land are built primarily from bronze, to resist the heat generated by the giant birds who pull them. Most Chariots have a water tank built into their base, which drips water on the ground behind them extinguishing any small fires the RaMount might cause when racing.
Chariot races are one of the primary diversions for young and old alike, and teenagers spend all their efforts and allowances customizing the perfect chariot.

Economy: Chariots and Sunbirds are the chief luxury purchases. The land is dry and somewhat rocky, so most agricultural needs are brought in from CornDale via large Chariot Caravans. Hard stone is quarried from the northern portions of the Realm, both for export and for use in local Monument-building. The rock is brought from the earth by thousands of serfs with several imported Golems for support.

Military: The core of the army are Charioteers, often armed with magical spears that burst into light and fire upon release. In times of trouble they are supplemented by masses of poorly-equipped indentured infantry.

Ecology: Ranges from Desert to Savannah to Rocky Hills. Rivers and lakes are numerous but all are very shallow. The dominant predators are Lions, RaMouns and Man.

Rose: The Sunfeather Rose has lengthy thorns, needs little water, and has petals the color of a RaMount's Eyes.

Golems: Only mechanical (clockwork, steam-driven or iron golems) golems are imported from Opal, never flesh or bone golems. The local priests say that necromancy is the greatest crime taught to evil men by Set. The fire spears used by the Hawkmask’s military were designed specifically to defeat undead.

Gates & Bordering Realms: There are no Gates in Legs-Of-Ra, but you may easily hire a Sunbird Chariot to take you the quick overland trip to the nearby Realms of Pasture Days and Pure Heart.

*:It would appear I never decided on effects of that Usurper Force. The PCs never went there in-character (though one player worked the place into his backstory) and they never asked us about the oversight. I just noticed the lack of effect today.

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