Thursday, February 28, 2008

Valkyrie’s Pride Loptsdottir (Spherewalker)

This was an NPC from Frostbridge that got only a third the "camera time" I'd intended for her.

Full GM Disclosure: Valkyrie’s Pride Loptsdottir (Spherewalker)

Vain, Prideful, Certain. She is descended from Loki and a Giantess. She calls all man-sized beings “Little One” as a way of dismissing their importance.
She is very wise and clever, but sometimes she drinks too much and then her judgment becomes clouded. She stands by her word, no matter what it is or what was in her system when she made her foolish declarative statements.

Earth: 6 Air: 5
Caber-Throw:7 Earn The Loyalty Of Drinking Buddies:6

Fire: 3 Water: 5
Spear-Fishing:4 Use Icebergs As Canoes:6

Ocean-But-A-Sip: 0 pt. She can drink any volume of any substance that a normal person could drink a (appropriately sized) cup of. So she’s still affected by poisons, and each swallow of liquor or potion affects her as would a normal sized swallow for someone of her girth. It’s just that her swallows can be infinitely large. She could drain a lake, for example, or a never-ending drinking horn.
Drunken Boasts: 4 pt, Frequent, Double Major and Versatile: When she is tipsy, she is prone to making outlandish boasts. Whatever it is she says she can do, she really can and will. The supernatural ability to complete these boasts lasts only while she’s drunk, so if it takes long enough for her to sober up, she might fail.
Frost’s Friend: 1 pt, Frequent: Exposure to cold and wintery weather cannot harm her. It is frequent because of where she lives, and because her 0-pt power slot has been used.
Spoiled Princess: 1 pt, Frequent: Valkyrie’s Pride nearly always gets what she wants. Her father does all she asks, and many fetching young giant-men strive constantly to catch her eye. It is frequent because of where she lives, and because her 0-pt power slot has been used.

And now for a detail about the current situation:
She won’t give up Caution’s Headdress - she was tricked into boasting she could steal it without being seen. Not only would she lose face by giving it up to some little dusty king just because he threatened war, but also it’s the one piece of jewelry she has that’s flashier than anything Bergrider Sifsdottir wears.

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