Wednesday, February 6, 2008

resource decisions in Scion

Part One: Dice ≠ Challenge. Part Two: Decisions = Challenge. Part Three: definition of issues 1-5.

Scion has multiple types of resource-boosts, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. I really like this multilayered approach that Scion takes to PC mechanical resources, though I have house-ruled a bit to smooth out issue 5. What I'd really like to see is this multilayered method applied to a game system that wasn't so damn fiddly.

Virtues have issue 2 and 5 - for most characters it's better to take the automatic success granted by a Willpower expenditure instead. Also, the successes granted by Virtues are huge at the Hero level, but fairly minimal at God levels.

Legendary ReRolls smack into issue 2 in the early campaign, and issue 4 in the late campaign. A mere Hero-level PC can rarely afford the reroll, but stands to reap great rewards from it when they do. A God-level PC has the resources to spend a legend point to reroll every failure, but finds them to rarely mean the difference between loss and victory.

Legendary Deeds, on the other hand, only trip over issue 5, being a pain in the butt to track between sessions. They scale in power as the character grows, so as to not have the long-term potency issues that the other Scion resources face. Overall, Legendary Deeds are my absolute favorite resource-decision from games I've played or run.

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