Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Today's Challenge = Decisions

Today, I wrote up a nine-part exploration of challenges in RPGs, and specific mechanics that challenge the players to make decisions that alter the course of the campaign. Parts one through three should be of interest to all GMs, and the parts thereafter address particular game systems.

Part One: Dice ≠ Challenge. Why challenge is important to RPGs, and why challenge has little to do with high target numbers.

Part Two: Decisions = Challenge. Defines the difference between flavorful decisions and mechanical decisions. The nature of challenge lies mostly in hard decisions.

Part Three: Documenting and defining 5 issues that often mar otherwise brilliant resource-decision systems in RPGs.

Parts Four through Nine: Specific examinations of resource decision systems in a variety of RPGs. Luck Points in Cyberpunk 2020, Action Points in d20 Modern, Spell-slots in D&D, Drama Dice in 7th Sea, Graces in Continuum, and Virtues, Deeds, Legend and Willpower in Scion

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