Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Everway/Amber names

One Everway campaign I ran was a follow-up to an Amber campaign (where Eric destroyed the Universe and all the PCs gave their lives but failed to stop him). As a result, we (I was one of two GMs for both campaigns, the other was Sarah, my wife) put some thought into what Amberites Eric would bring back for his new Universe, and how he would refashion them. Here's a short brainstorm list of Amberites and possible Everway names for them in Eric's universe.

Errata, Firstborn of Amber (he revised the Universe)
Errant (he may be absent often from Amber, exploring the new reality he created)
Eriach (the word means a fine paid to the family of someone you murdered. In otherwords, eriach is a synonym of weregild, which is cool 'cause Eric's army in Amber were werewolves.)

Oberon (Eric's Dad)
Overlord (for a very draconian King of the Universe)
Over One (sounds like Oberon, and is slightly less ominous than Overlord)
Auburn (perhaps too feminine, but it would indicate Errata doesn't harbor any bad feelings)

Faella (Eric's Mother)
Fae (she was but a fleeting ephemeral presence in his childhood, dying while he was quite young. As a result, she's somewhat idealized and unreal in his new Universe. In the new Universe, all the Amberites are her children, and Eric is the eldest of her kids.)

Dworkin (Eric's secret grandfather, inventor of Trump)
Art (anything less would be insulting)

Cymnea (Oberon's first wife, the mother of Benedict)
Unicorn (all the ex-wives, save Faella, are wrapped up and washed away, bound to Dad's old horse)
Chlamydia (sums up his feelings quite nicely)

Siblings with easy names:
Benedict - Benediction
Bleys - Blaze
Brand - Brand
Caine - Cane
Florimel - Floral
Random - Random

Siblings with trickier names to Everwayize:
Llewella - Lore Well (she's always been so bookish and quiet)
Fiona - Fiat (a decree or legal proclamation)
Dierdre - Diesis (in music, a division of a tone, an interval of less than a half step. Eriach has invoked some Errata over her)
Corwin - Corvee (it means a forced labor exacted by a government. This indicates a slightly bitter Eriach)
Gerard - Gerent (meaning: one who manages or governs) or Gladiator
Julian - never did find a name we liked for him. He's too manly to be Jewels.
Finndo - Finder
Osric - again, we didn't think of a name we liked, and it was unlikely he'd be needed anyhow...

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