Thursday, February 28, 2008

Random Encounters in Night's Adornment

Our plot began with a mystery in/near Night's Adornment. Since the PCs were likely to spend some time snooping for clues, we wanted to have a couple of insertable encounters ready to spice things up if the search was dragging...

GM Full Disclosure: Night’s Adornment Random Encounters

#1: A Duel of Insults: The lowest Fire or Earth PC stumbles briefly on a marble staircase. They aren’t harmed but you can hear a nearby Courtier state loudly, “Just because she’s a Spherewalker doesn’t mean she’s a competent Stairwalker.” All the nearby Courtiers do little golf-claps at this jibe - apparently taunting and insults are popular this week.

A duel of insults is a battle of Air scores. If the PC wins, the courtier expresses mock indignation and struts away on her extremely high heels.

Quick Change, the Courtier: This week’s fashion is 8” heels, red velvet with white lace, and a sort of boat-shaped hairdo.
Air: 4 Earth: 2 Fire: 3 Water: 3
Detect Mistake: 5 Staying Calm: 3 Balance in Heels: 4 Anticipate Fads: 4
Rapid Costume Switch: 0 pt: She may change her clothes, hairdo or makeup in less than a fifth the time it would take someone without this power. Whenever the PCs see her, she’s in a totally different outfit, even if it’s only been a minute. This power CANNOT be used to disguise or mask appearance - if anything, her unusual outfit choices make it very easy to pick her out of a crowd.

#2: The Water Thieves: The heroes round the corner of a rarely-used street and see three albinos (2 male, 1 female) and and a leprechaun loading bottles of water onto the back of an elaborate horse-drawn gold-trimmed cart. It looks suspicious for two reasons: 1) they’re taking the bottles out the window of a house, and 2) when they see you, one drops a bottle and they all run or jump on the cart. (If that doesn’t get the PCs in motion, a moment later a woman in the house screams “Stop! Thief! They’re stealing my water!”)

The chase will be a Fire contest to catch up with them, and a second Contest to apprehend them. Failure on the first chase contest will let the PCs try an Earth Contest to pursue long-distance or a Water contest to track.

Albinos (names are Alfredo, Lace and Cloudline) : Non-descript pale folks in neutral colors, the only distinguishing mark is the bottles they carry.
Air: 2 Earth: 3 Fire: 3 Water: 3
Architecture: 3 Good Grip: 4 Opening Locks: 4 Unobtrusive: 4
Indistinguishable: 1 Frequent: If they drop their water bottles, they are visually indistinguishable from other Albinos of the same gender in the city. The PCs can’t positively ID them by sight. Other Albinos can, though.

Hopps, the Leprechaun: 3 foot tall, copper-hair, lime-colored vest and pants, mahogany sash, cream shirt. He’s stealing this Longevity Water for use in a brewing experiment - it’s the ingredient needed in a beer!
Air: 5 Earth: 4 Fire: 3 Water: 3
Juggling: 6 Handle Liquor: 5 Dodge Projectiles: 4 Beer Knowledge: 4
Never Spills: 0pt: If there’s an open cup, stein or bottle in his hand, he never spills a drop, no matter how crazy his antics become.
Rainbow Hop: 1 Major: Can leap in a rainbow-arc, up to 15 feet high and 30 feet distant. While making such a jump, a pale rainbow appears in the air, marking his trajectory.

Proud Cart, the White Stallion: A fairly unremarkable horse... other than it’s a Spherewalker, can talk, and has a very pretty cart to pull around.
Air: 1 Earth: 4 Fire: 5 Water: 3
Detect Smoke: 2 Haul Cart: 5 Sprint: 6 Direction Sense: 4
Talking: 0pt: It’s a talking horse. That’s all. No big deal. He’s not bright, just talkative.
Cart & Gate: 1 pt: The horse can Spherewalk. And, if he has a shiny cart he’s proud of, he can pull the cart and anything in it with him through the Gate.

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