Friday, February 1, 2008

Outmaneuvered by a Horse, part 2

This post is simply GM's notes written between Attribute Auction and first session of my most-recent Amber campaign, a rough draft of the 6-part story I planned to tell.
Also see Outmaneuvered by a Horse, part 1

6-8 session planned arc:

Chapter 1: Called to Amber
Dark Road imagery in shadow (Andre met Random & was pulled to Amber)
Flora finds Todd, gives him Eric’s offer of peace and recognition, if he’ll trump to Amber & help
Eric, Caine, & Gerard pass on field of battle
Random gathers those he can in library: PCs & Flora
Benedict, Julian & Dierdre do not show up because they’re seeing to the cities defenses
Random explains the back story and “theory” that true villains may have captured Brand
Plan to meet in Pattern room in an hour
Find the bodies in the dungeon
Images of Dara on the Pattern
Fiona calls Freeman, he lets her know what’s going on
Random about to walk the pattern so they can get to Brand

Chapter 2: Rescuing Brand
Random walks the pattern - give each PC a chance to kill the little fink
Fiona arrives in the Pattern room in the midst of all of it
Battle in Garnath pushes to outskirts of the city - chaosites running air sorties to harass castle
It’s a set-up! Greyskinned thugs have moved Brand, and are waiting to ambush.
If PCs just pull Random out, opportunity to free Brand is lost
If PCs push through to fight thugs, then they may still rescue Brand
Fiona may or may not be exposed. Trumps to Bleys if she is.
Brand may just die - depends on PC actions. Random will offer to nurse him if need be.

Chapter 3: Chaos’s next assault
If Fiona was exposed, this assault is supported by Bleys, and is even stronger than the last.
Chaos flows over the city, and the enemy ascends the hieghts to the castle.
Cool battle scenes versus inhuman chaos lords. (Sev & Flagg? Much wierder stuff?)
The awful hordes sieze the castle. PCs flee to dungeon or shadow.
If Julian has not been involved yet at this point, he (mislead by Fiona’s lies) kills Brand

Chapter 4: Tracking Down Corwin
Clearly, every sleeved Ace is needed if we are to overcome our foes.
If Corwin is alive, Random/Brand pushes to find him.
If Corwin is dead (killed by Bleys) Benedict volunteers about Corwin’s cart of rouge.
Corwin’s probably binging (morbid, bitter, & drunk) because the world is so screwed up.
Corwin may try to kill Benedict for what happened to Dad. Vengeance or mistaken enemy.
If guns are found, the castle can be retaken. This changes setting of chapter 5.

Chapter 5: Hunt & Kill Fiona
Could be in shadow, dungeons, or primal land. Hunt led by Brand or Benedict, if possible.
The idea is that Fi can rewrite the universe, we need to stop her or the villains win.
Could be successful, or could be nasty. Depends on who’s still alive, and who has the jewel.

Chapter 6: Taking the War to Chaos
Either Fi is dead and the battle can be safely taken to chaos, or:
Fi obliterates the primal pattern, and all must flee to chaos, or:
Brand takes it upon himself to rewrite the pattern like Oberon in the books.
However it plays out, big battle in the most disturbing of all places. Todd may run with jewel.
Ideal ending is Random & PCs as only ones left.

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