Everway RPG Articles

I've run several Everway campaigns over the years, and produced a fair amount of custom content for the game and made much of it available on this blog. 

New Powers
House Rules

Everway Realm Pages
These were Everway worlds from a campaign I ran with my ex-wife back in the day. It was a tad bit overproduced, with detailed write-ups on a few dozen worlds, but it was fun.
Special bonuses: Two Realms we never made. Add to that this partial realm that never made it into the campaign: Pleasure In Communion. Lastly, here's a Formatting Example to help you understand the other entries - though I bet you can figure them out yourself without it.

Character Names
  • List of 90+ Everway NPC names we brainstormed for one campaign.
  • List of names for Albinos. I know, it's a very specific thing to make a list of, but we had one world (Night's Adornment) that needed this list. I should maybe add "Cringeworthy" to the list of names, because, well, this list hasn't aged terribly well already, and will likely continue to age poorly as the future becomes ever more enlightened. Consider it a time capsule.
  • Everway names for Amber characters were a thing we needed for the Everway/Amber crossover campaign.

The funky dice and a touch of the crunchiness from Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd Edition blended into Everway's setting and 4 element system. The result is less GM-fiat and more randomness than Everway, but much lighter and easier to run than Warhammer.

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