Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year Continuum (Cart and Horse)

I'm pleased to say that my Continuum campaign successfully jumped back into full swing after the year-end break. The sessions Tuesday and Wednesday were both really good, with opportunities for the PCs to chew the scenery a bit, and both groups made some good breakthroughs on the projects and mysteries at the top of their "to-do" lists.

I did a little reflecting on the game during the break, and thought a lot about where we were now that the campaign's been going for 2 years. I've decided I'd like to speed things up a little, but we'll see if I can make that happen. As mentioned in recent posts, in a game where all the PCs can time-travel a decade or more at-will, it's hard to put any sort of "you have to do this now" pressure on them. You can keep throwing narcissists at them, but that eventually grows old (or overwhelming, if they just keep dodging instead of defeating the enemy). So my plan instead is to throw accolades and achievements at them. They've been in "slow simmer" mode for a while, working on various projects that will gain them some notoriety within the Continuum once everything is said and done. Well, everything's been said and the doing is happening in the next session or two. With any luck, they'll be climbing the ranks quickly this year.

As I see it, they've entered a period in the game where the rewards are higher, and the risks are correspondingly greater as well. Which is a little backwards from most gaming dynamics, but that's Continuum for you. We put the cart Down from the horse.